Reuben Wilson - Blue Mode (1970)

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4-1/2 stars on Allmusic.  Here's one to plug into the 8-track player in your 
father's Plymouth Belvedere station wagon. An earlier work here from a guy who 
had a long career in the biz.  This thing straddles several generas and 
demonstrates why Wilson would have many productive years after this was 
recorded.  As soulful and funky as he was at times, Wilson had the chops to 
accomodate a wide variety of styles and players.  I like this guy's stuff; 
might post another one or two from him.

This is another one of those lossless audio stream rips from a Tidal music 
service subscription of mine.  The stream was CD quality, according to Tidal 
service.  Rip was done using an Asus Xonar DG sound card.  Wave editor was Cool 
Edit Pro using 48k/16 bit settings.  No other alterations were performed, other 
than what follows. 

I totally silenced any system noise between tracks with the editor.  The track 
timings will be fairly close to match that of the original release, but they 
are by no means perfect.  Since this is a rip from an audio stream (and not a 
CD), no .cue or .log files are available.  Because of this, it is probably not 
a release a hard core collector will want in their library.  Certainly good 
enough for the average listener, though.  Tracks are tagged and I have info in 
the comments section about the source and .wav gathering, just to keep the 
digital gene pool organized.  If possible I'll try to include some artwork with 

Here's my way of paying it forward after leeching more stuff than I can count 
from the binaries over the years.  Enjoy it, it's a great old time-warper. - mm

Here's the Wiki on it:

Released	1970
Recorded	December 12, 1969
Studio	Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Genre	Soul jazz
Length	41:34
Label	Blue Note BST 84343
Producer	Francis Wolff

Blue Mode is the third album by American organist Reuben Wilson recorded in 
1969 and released by the Blue Note label the following year. The album was also 
released by Vee-Jay Records as Organ Talk in 1974.


The Allmusic review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine awarded the album 4╜ stars and 
stated "If Love Bug skirted the edges of free jazz and black power, Blue Mode 
embraces soul-jazz and Memphis funk in no uncertain terms... they know how to 
work a groove, and that's what makes Blue Mode a winner".

Allmusic	4.5/5 stars

Track listing:
All compositions by Reuben Wilson except where noted

    "Bambu" (Melvin Sparks) - 8:03
    "Knock on Wood" (Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd) - 6:09
    "Bus Ride" - 6:19
    "Orange Peel" - 6:36
    "Twenty-Five Miles" (Johnny Bristol, Harvey Fuqua, Edwin Starr) - 7:11
    "Blue Mode" - 7:26


    Reuben Wilson - organ
    John Manning - tenor saxophone
    Melvin Sparks - guitar
    Tommy Derrick - drums

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