Benny Golson - Killer Joe (1977)

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                                 Release Notes
Here's an old Benny Golson release that hasn't been posted in awhile on here, 
maybe never.  Definitely not my favorite of his.  I'm not even sure this thing 
qualifies as jazz.  Sounds a bit too Superfly meets the Bee Gees meets 70's 
soft rock to me, but perhaps that's your bag.  Opinions are like assholes as 
they say...

It was sourced through a lossless CD quality webstream feed courtesy of Tidal 
music service.  Rip was done through an Asus Xonar DG sound card using Cool 
Edit Pro.  I ripped it at 48k/16 bit settings.  Also, I totally silenced any 
residual system noise between the tracks with the wave editor.  Since this is 
not a CD rip, there won't be .log and .cue files. 

Because of the lack of documentation, the hardcore collectors probably should 
steer clear of it.  However, for the casual listener it'll be a peachy keen 
chance to disco out on the living room rug with your dog.  Track timings should 
be approximate to what's listed below but they won't be perfect.  This is the 
original release and doesn't contain any of those extended disco mixes that the 
CD versions had.  (The world simply doesn't need more extended mix dance 
versions.  You're welcome.)

This is my way of giving back to the binaries and this group in particular.  
Here's the Wiki on it.  Peace out, leeches. - mm

Released	1977
Recorded	1977
Studio	A&M Studios Los Angeles, CA and Sigma Sound, Philadelphia, PA
Genre	Jazz
Length	55:39
Label	Columbia
PC 34678
Producer	Bobby Martin and Benny Golson for the Tentmakers Corporation

Killer Joe is an album by Benny Golson recorded in 1977 and released by the 
Columbia label. This was Golson's first jazz album in over a decade when his 
career has been devoted to writing music for television and motion pictures.

Allmusic	2/5 stars

The Allmusic review states, "This album broke Golson's long hiatus in America 
and reintroduced him to the domestic jazz audience, but it wasn't quite the hit 
for him as for Quincy Jones".

Track listing:
All compositions by Benny Golson except where noted

    "Hesitation" (Richard Stekol) û 4:18
    "Walkin' and Stalkin'" û 5:06
    "Love Uprising" (Charles Collins, Bobby Martin, Dennis Harris, Michael 
Foreman) û 3:54
    "The New Killer Joe Rap" (Benny Golson, Bobbie Golson) û 2:34
    "The New Killer Joe" (Golson, Quincy Jones) û 5:38
    "I'll Do It All With You" û 5:35
    "Easy All Day Long" (Golson, Martin) û 6:30
    "Timbale Rock" û 6:35
    "Tomorrow Paradise" û 2:01


    Benny Golson - arranger, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, piano, Fender 
Rhodes, humming, vibraphone
    Al Aarons, Bobby Bryant (tracks 1-3 & 6-8), Bobby Childers, Chuck Findley 
(track 5) - trumpet
    Britt Woodman, Frank Rosolino, George Bohannon û trombone
    Maurice Spears û bass trombone
    Ernie Watts û alto saxophone, alto flute (tracks 1-3)
    Jerome Richardson û alto flute (track 3)
    Tyrone G. Kersey û organ, clavinet (tracks 1 & 3)
    Bobby Lyle û Fender Rhodes (tracks 2, 7 & 8)
    Roland Chambers (tracks 1, 3 & 6), Bobby Eli (tracks 1, 3 & 5), Dennis 
Harris (tracks 1, 3, 5 & 6), Ray Parker Jr. (tracks 2, 7 & 8), Greg PorΘe 
(tracks 6 & 7) - electric guitar
    Stanley Clarke (track 2), Scott G. Edwards (track 8), Michael "Sugie Bear" 
Foreman (tracks 3, 5 & 6) - bass
    Charles Collins (tracks 1, 3, 5 & 6), James Gadson (tracks 2, 7 & 8), Scott 
G. Edwards (track 7) - drums
    Poncho Sanchez (tracks 2, 7 & 8), Larry Washington (tracks 1, 3 & 5) û 
    Willie Bobo û rap, timbales, claves (track 8)
    Mortonette Jenkins - vocals, backing vocals (tracks 2 & 5-7)
    Ted Lange û rap (track 4)
    Drake Frye û vocals (track 6)
    Evette Benton (tracks 1 & 3), Carla Benson (tracks 1 & 3), Linda Evans 
(track 7), Brenda Lucille Gooch (tracks 2 & 5), Barbara Ingram (tracks 1 & 3), 
Jan Ellen Jones (tracks 2 & 5) - backing vocals
    Bobby Martin û arranger (tracks 1 & 3)

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