Benny Carter & American Jazz Orchestra: Central City Sketches (1987)

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Type.................: Music
Platform.............: any
Compression Format...: RAR
File Validation......: SFV

Audio Format.........: Lossless
Ripper...............: N/A - lossless CD quality webstream rip
Encoder..............: .wav > .flac
Hz...................: 48,000
Channels.............: Stereo
Source...............: Tidal Music Service stream

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Posted on............: 2/11/2021

                                 Release Notes
After looking on the history here, the last post I found for this went back to 
around 2008 or so. I'm guessing it's dead on most any server at this point, so 
I'll go ahead and upload it again. 

This is another one of those lossless audio stream rips from a Tidal music 
service subscription of mine.  Rip was done using an Asus Xonar DG sound card.  
Wave editor was Cool Edit Pro using 48kbs, 16 bit settings.  

Since this is a rip from an audio stream (and not a CD), no .cue or .log or 
other Exact Audio Copy files are available.  So, for that fact alone I doubt 
that the purists will want this one.  I always make sure to post the source of 
these lossless stream rips in the tag comments section.  It's important to keep 
track of where all these file sharing rips originate.  Need to keep the digital 
gene pool nice and tidy, I suppose.  Tracks are tagged and if possible I'll try 
to include some artwork with it.

The track timings will be close to match what's posted below, but they are by 
no means perfect.  Some of the Central City Sketches sequence has little to 
nearly no space between tracks.  So if you put this on a CD, you might want to 
burn this without a 2 second gap to make it sound like it was intended.  If you 
don't have this in your collection it's a highly recommended big band effort 
from Carter and the orchestra.  Good stuff indeed.

ps: I usually am not great about replying to re: posts in the group.  Not to be 
an ass or anything, but I just don't lurk the groups nearly as much as I used 
to.  Too many hobbies evidently.  But the binary groups have helped me out 
tremendously in the past.  I thought it was high time I gave back a little.  
Hope you enjoy it if you grab it.  - mm

From Wikipedia:

Central City Sketches is an album by saxophonist/composer Benny Carter recorded 
in 1987 and released by the MusicMasters label as a double LP.

AllMusic: 4/5 stars

AllMusic reviewer Scott Yanow stated "One of the many Benny Carter recordings 
cut after he returned to jazz on a full-time basis in the mid-'70s, this 
double-LP set is the jewel among the seemingly countless number of gems ... as 
is often the case, Benny Carter frequently steals solo honors and his brief 
trumpet spot on "Central City Blues" is memorable".

Track listing:

All compositions by Benny Carter except where noted

    "Doozy (Second Version)" û 5:20
    "When Lights Are Low" û 5:00
    "A Kiss from You" û 2:53
    "Sleep" (Earl Burtnett, Adam Geibel) û 3:26
    "Central City Sketches: Central City Blues" û 3:08
    "Central City Sketches: Hello" û 4:14
    "Central City Sketches: People" û 4:22
    "Central City Sketches: Promendae" û 3:18
    "Central City Sketches: Remember" û 3:34
    "Central City Sketches: Sky Dance" û 3:28
    "Lonesome Nights" û 5:07
    "Doozy (First Version)" û 4:39
    "Easy Money" û 7:00
    "Symphony in Riffs" û 4:37
    "Souvenir" û 4:03
    "Blues in My Heart" û 7:00


    Benny Carter û alto saxophone, trumpet, arranger, conductor
    The American Jazz Orchestra
        John Eckert, Marvin Stamm, Bob Millikan, Virgil Jones û trumpet
        Britt Woodman, Eddie Bert, Jack Jeffers, Jimmy Knepper û trombone
        Bill Easley, John Purcell û alto saxophone, flute
        Lew Tabackin û tenor saxophone, flute
        Loren Schoenberg û tenor saxophone
        Danny Bank û baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
        Remo Palmier û guitar
        John Lewis û piano, musical director
        Dick Katz û piano (tracks 1, 3, 5-10 & 12-16)
        Ron Carter û bass
        Mel Lewis û drums

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