Bud Powell - The Lonely One (1959)

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                                 Release Notes
This is another one of those lossless audio stream rips from a Tidal music 
service subscription of mine.  Rip was done using an Asus Xonar DG sound card.  
Wave editor was Cool Edit Pro using 48kbs, 16 bit settings.  No alterations 
were performed, other than what follows. Since this is a rip from an audio 
stream (and not a CD), no .cue or .log or other Exact Audio Copy files are 
available. I totally silenced any system noise between tracks with the editor.  
 The track timings will be fairly close to match what's posted below. 

I did a quick search using Newsbin and this release didn't show up on the group 
going back about a decade.  So hopefully I'm not duplicating anyone's upload 
here.  However, if you have a copy of The Complete Bud Powell On Verve, I think 
the tracks probably appear there as well.  This one's for those types who like 
to have the individual chronological releases, I guess.

The actual performances date back several years earlier than the release date 
on this one.  I don't know if you file your media library under performance 
date or the LP release date.  Maybe that's a factor for you, but I thought I'd 
mention it.

p.s. - I'm not very good about replying to re: posts.  I don't lurk the groups 
as much as I did years back.  Just doing this to try and pay it forward.  
Tracks are tagged and if possible I'll try to include some artwork with it. 

Info below is grabbed off Wikipedia.  

The Lonely One... is a studio album by jazz pianist Bud Powell, released in 
1959 by Verve. It contains three sessions that Powell recorded at Fine Sound 
Studios in New York in 1955.


The first three tracks here, with the four tracks that appeared on Piano 
Interpretations, complete the April 27 session as far as master takes go. 
"Willow Weep for Me" from the April 25 session had already appeared on Piano 

Track listing 12" LP (MGV 8301)

    "Confirmation" (Charlie Parker) û 4:24
    "Star Eyes" (Gene De Paul, Don Raye) û 3:32
    "Lullaby in Rhythm" (Clarence Profit, Edgar Sampson, Benny Goodman, Walter 
Hirsch) û 3:53
    "Willow Weep for Me" (Ann Ronnell) û 4:43
    "Mediocre" û 2:59

    "All the Things You Are" (Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II) û 3:33
    "Epistrophy" (Thelonious Monk, Kenny Clarke) û 3:03
    "Dance of the Infidels" û 2:21
    "Salt Peanuts" (Dizzy Gillespie, Clarke) û 2:22
    "Hey George" (aka "Sweet Georgia Brown") (Maceo Pinkard, Kenneth Casey) û 

    Bud Powell û piano

April 27, 1955, side A tracks 1-3. April 25, 1955, side A track 4. Fine Sound 
Studios, New York.

    George Duvivier û bass
    Art Taylor û drums

January 13, 1955, side A track 5 and side B tracks 1-5. Fine Sound Studios, New 

    Percy Heath û bass
    Kenny Clarke û drums


    Norman Granz û producer
    Sheldon Marks û art director
    Howard Morehead û cover photo

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