Bennie Green - Soul Stirrin' (1958)

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Platform.............: any
Compression Format...: RAR
File Validation......: SFV

Audio Format.........: Lossless
Ripper...............: N/A - webstream rip
Encoder..............: .wav > .flac
Hz...................: 48,000
Channels.............: Stereo
Source...............: Tidal Music Service lossless webstream

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                                 Release Notes
Here's another Bennie Green release which (I believe) has never been posted to 
the binaries before.  This is another one of those lossless audio stream rips 
from a Tidal music service subscription of mine.  Rip was done using an Asus 
Xonar DG sound card.  Wave editor was Cool Edit Pro using 48kbs, 16 bit 
settings.  No alterations were performed, other than what follows. 

I totally silenced any system noise between tracks with the editor.  The track 
timings will be fairly close to match what's posted below, but they are by no 
means perfect.  I can tell by the looks of the .wavs that this source has had 
some normalization done to it somewhere along the line.  Roughly 1 out of 4 
feeds I get from Tidal so far have that, and I can't do much about it.  If this 
stuff isn't to your liking I'd say skip this one.  Overall I think it sounds 
okay. Better than a scratchy old LP anyway.

Since this is a rip from an audio stream (and not a CD), no .cue or .log or 
other Exact Audio Copy files are available.  I don't know if people love or 
hate these things.  But as with most anything else in the binaries, the price 
is certainly right.  Tracks are tagged and if possible I'll try to include some 
artwork with it.

I listened to this as I recorded the stream and it's a fun old album.  Maybe as 
good of a place as any to start out if you're new to Bennie Green.  

ps: I usually am not great about replying to re: posts in the group.  Not to be 
an ass or anything, but I'm usually off doing other stuff and don't lurk the 
groups nearly as much as I used to.  However, I do try to pad the releases with 
plenty of .pars to help them survive in the wild.  Other than that I'm not much 
of a talker (other than here, hehe.)  I thought it was high time I gave back a 
little to the binary groups and this one in particular.  Hope you enjoy it if 
you grab it.  - mm

AllMusic	4/5 stars

The AllMusic review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine awarded the album 4 stars and 
stated: "Soul Stirrin' is an invigorating, exciting date from trombonist Bennie 
Green, showcasing his wide range of skills. .. Each musician plays with soul 
and passion, both on the laidback blues and mambos and the rollicking swing 
numbers. It's a thoroughly enjoyable record and one that is a good introduction 
to Green's wonderful, friendly style."

Track listing

    All compositions by Bennie Green except as indicated

    "Soul Stirrin'" (Babs Gonzales) - 6:50
    "We Wanna Cook" - 6:38
    "That's All" (Alan Brandt, Bob Haymes) - 6:25
    "Lullaby of the Doomed" (Gonzales) - 6:01
    "B. G. Mambo" - 8:15
    "Black Pearl" (Bill Graham) - 5:45
        Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey on April 28, 


    Bennie Green - trombone, vocals
    Gene Ammons, Billy Root - tenor saxophone
    Sonny Clark - piano
    Ike Isaacs - bass
    Elvin Jones - drums
    Babs Gonzales - vocals (tracks 1, 2 & 7)

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