Barney Kessel - Hair Is Beautiful (1969)

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                                 Release Notes
Another one of those rips I've been doing off Tidal music lossless feeds.  I 
don't know if people care for these things or not, but I try to find stuff 
that's somewhat hard to get off the binaries. 

It was dubbed via a webstream feed into an Asus Xonar XD sound card.  I used 
48k/16 bit settings.  I used Cool Edit Pro to record the .wavs.  Other than 
what I'll mention in a second, no other alterations were done.  I totally 
silenced any residual system background noise between tracks.  So... if you do 
the 60's hippie thing and get stoned with the headphones on, the universe will 
speak clearer to you between tracks.  I edited the tracks fairly close to match 
the timings posted below, but they are by no means exact. 

Because it's a web stream rip and not a CD rip there won't be any .log file.  
If you don't trust it, grab a track and just check to see if it sounds decent 
to you.  Don't know what else to tell you. Tracks are tagged and there's a bit 
of album art I found off Google.

I didn't find this in the group when I looked for it.  I'm listening to it as I 
record it.

This is another one of those 60's recordings by prominent jazz artists that 
kinda catered to the period.  I need to be careful about being too hard on 
this.  Afer all, it is a well regarded old album.  It does have its moments for 
me, don't get me wrong.  When this release is at its very best it reminds me of 
an extremely mellow Allman Bros jam.  If, perhaps in another life, you were one 
of those super mellow hippies who never went out to protest anything because 
you were afraid it would disrupt the cosmic flow...then you probably would have 
had this on your record shelf.  I'm not in love with it, but sure...I'd grab it 

ps: I usually am not great about replying to re: posts in the group.  Not to be 
an ass or anything, but I don't lurk the groups near as much anymore.  For the 
most part I've just been hitting the upload button on Powerpost and walking 
away.  However, I do try to pad the releases with plenty of .pars to help them 
survive in the wild. Hope you enjoy it if you grab it.  Peace, Aquarians - mm

Release Info from Discogs:

Barney Kessel û Hair Is Beautiful
Label: Atlantic û SD 8235
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Released: 1969
Genre: Jazz
Style: Easy Listening

A1	Aquarius	4:21
A2	Frank Mills	3:41
A3	Where Do I Go	4:50
A4	I Got Life	3:48
A5	Walking In Space	3:36
B1	Ain't Got No	3:35
B2	Easy To Be Hard	4:05
B3	Be-In (Hare Krishna)	3:26
B4	Good Morning Starshine	3:50
B5	Donna	3:15

    Pressed By û Presswell
    Manufactured By û Atlantic Recording Corporation


    Cover û Stanislaw Zagorski
    Drums û Barry Morgan
    Electric Bass û Tony Campo
    Engineer û Carlos Olms
    Guitar û Barney Kessel
    Liner Notes û Nat Hentoff
    Organ û Kenny Salmon (tracks: A4, A5, B1, B3 to B5), Steve Gray (tracks: A1 
to A3, B2)
    Producer û Alan Bates
    Rhythm Guitar û Ike Isaacs
    Written-By û Galt MacDermot, Gerome Ragni, James Rado

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