Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch (1964)

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Type.................: Music
Platform.............: any

Audio Format.........: Lossless
Ripper...............: N/A - lossless webstream rip
Encoder..............: Windows Media Encoder - to .wav files - to FLAC
Hz...................: 48,000
Channels.............: Stereo

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                                 Release Notes
Hi, folks - 

I tried to download this the other day off this group.  (My old version is a 
bad .mp3 abortion.)  The last posting of it I found on here goes back to around 
2009 and is digitally dead at this point.  I use Supernews server, but I 
suspect it's probably dead on most other servers too.   So here is a fresh post 
in case anyone else is interested.  This is NOT a CD rip, it's a webstream rip. 
Because of that, no .log or .cue files will be in the post.  

This was sourced from Tidal music service and according to them it is supposed 
to be a lossless, CD quality feed.  It has been ripped through an Asus Xonar DG 
sound card using Cool Edit Pro wave editor.  (48,000kbs/16 bit settings)   I 
used Cool Edit Pro to totally silence any background noise between tracks and 
to create the actual tracks.  No other alterations were done.   Track timings 
might be off very slightly from what's stated below, but it'll be close enough 
for most folks.

It was suggested earlier on the group that it would be easier to skip the wave 
editing and just download the tracks directly from Tidal to my hard drive.  
Been poking around on Tidal's web app and on their main site, but I haven't 
found a way to do that as of yet.  I haven't had the service long at all, 
however.  I'm also probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so if someone 
is more familiar with Tidal and knows how to skip the wave editing shoot me a 
reply and I'll check it out further.  Certainly open to suggestions, because 
the .wav dubbing IS a time consuming and roundabout way to do it, I'll admit.  
For now, that's the only way I know how to obtain a personal copy of the files.

This type of post may not appeal to some who prefer a well documented, verified 
CD rip.  Trust me, I understand, and in general I am one of those types too in 
most cases.  Some of these older releases are getting hard to find in the 
binaries, however.  (And even worse in the torrent universe.)  Thought this 
could help.  Take it for what it's worth.

Here's some info about this release off Wikipedia:

Released	August 1964[1]
Recorded	February 25, 1964
Studio	Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Genre	Avant-garde jazz, free jazz, Third Stream
Length	42:31
Label	Blue Note
Producer  Alfred Lion

Track listing

All compositions by Eric Dolphy.

    "Hat and Beard" û 8:24
    "Something Sweet, Something Tender" û 6:02
    "Gazzelloni" û 7:22
    "Out to Lunch" û 12:06
    "Straight Up and Down" û 8:19


    Eric Dolphy û bass clarinet (1 & 2), flute (3), alto saxophone (4 & 5)
    Freddie Hubbard û trumpet
    Bobby Hutcherson û vibraphone
    Richard Davis û bass
    Tony Williams û drums

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