Clark Terry Spacemen (1989)

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Type.................: Music
Platform.............: any
Compression Format...: RAR
File Validation......: SFV

Audio Format.........: Lossless
Ripper...............: N/A - lossless webstream rip
Encoder..............: Windows Media Encoder
Hz...................: 48,000
Channels.............: Stereo
Source...............: Tidal Music Service (lossless source)

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                                 Release Notes
This was ripped from a lossless CD quality audio stream from a Tidal music 
service subscription of mine.  Rip was done using an Asus Xonar DG sound card.  
Wave editor was Cool Edit Pro sampling at 48k, 16 bit settings.  Only changes 
done with the wave editor were to perform slight between track spacing edits 
and to totally silence background noise between tracks.  Also, a 2 db boost was 
given to the signal across the entire release.  No other alterations were done. 

Since this is a rip from an audio stream (and not a CD), no .cue or .log or 
other Exact Audio Copy files are available.  This might not be one for the 
purists because of the track timings and documentation, but for the average 
leech it should more than suffice if your jazz library is needing some 
expansion.  Tracks are tagged.  Wasn't able to find much artwork on the net for 
this one, but that doesn't mean it's not out there.  Maybe you'll have better 

Opinions are like assholes, but I've always thought this one was a great Golden 
Years effort of Terry's and thought it should have garnered a bit more 
recognition than it did at the time.  Fantastic ensemble working out on this 
one.  My old CD got trashed years ago on a gravel driveway, but I was delighted 
to find this on Tidal streaming service just now.  Last track is Clark Terry's 
spoken words on some biographical events.  Interesting stuff if you admire 
Mumbles and his music.  Wonderful to hear this old release again and hope you 
like it too.

AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow

This underrated Chiaroscuro CD is a joy from start to finish. Flⁿgelhornist 
Clark Terry is teamed with an unusually talented group of all-stars (trumpeter 
Virgil Jones, trombonists Al Grey and Britt Woodman, altoist Phil Woods, Red 
Holloway on tenor, baritonist Haywood Henry, pianist John Campbell, bassist 
Marcus McLaurine, and drummer Butch Ballard) which is filled with distinctive 
and colorful swing stylists. The standards and riff tunes give all of the horn 
players solo space and it is a particular joy to hear Britt Woodman and Haywood 
Henry (the latter near the end of his life) getting some feature spots. 
Highlights include "Swinging the Blues," "For Dancers Only," and "Just Squeeze 
Me." After 55 minutes of music Clark Terry is heard on the 19-minute 
"Jazzspeak," verbally telling informative stories about his lengthy career, 
some of which are quite humorous. Highly recommended.

Tracklist (times won't match due to stream edits)

1	Blues For Gypsy	9:53
2	Swinging The Blues	5:02
3	Corner Pocket	8:49
4	Primping At The Prom	3:55
5	For Dancers Only	7:24
6	Spacemen	6:22
7	Just Squeeze Me	7:01
8	Jones	6:56
9	Jazzspeak	19:00


    Arranged By û Clark Terry
    Bass û Marcus McLaurine
    Composed By û Clark Terry (tracks: 1, 6, 8)
    Design [Cover] û John DeVries*
    Drums û Butch Ballard
    Engineer û Jon Bates (tracks: 9)
    Engineer, Mastered By û Rudy Van Gelder (tracks: 1 to 8)
    Liner Notes û Stuart Troup
    Photography By û Rollo Phlecks
    Piano û John Campbell (18)
    Producer û Hank O'Neal
    Saxophone û Haywood Henry, Phil Woods, Red Holloway
    Trombone û Al Grey, Britt Woodman
    Trumpet û Clark Terry, Virgil Jones

Recorded February 13, 1989 in Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

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