Album:  	Urania
Artist:  	Ashen Simian
Year:  	        2018
Genre / Style:  Electronic / New Age / Ambient / Berlin School

A solo album by Ashen Simian of Nemesis. This album consists of the material recorded as a musical diary during the late summer and autumn 0f 2018.

The moods differ from pensive ambient to more uptempo electronica, but always the basic style is the familiar blend of vintage sounds and more modern elements.

Number of Tracks: 9
Total Duration:   1:00:30
Total Size:       138 MBs (including scan, m3u, and txt)
Parity Archive:   Yes, 7%
Ripped By:  	  NMR
Files Created on: NMR
Ripped With:  	  NMR
Encoded At:  	  320k CBR / 44.1 KHz
ID3 Tags:         Yes
TXT Created:  	  1 February 2020

01) Urania
02) Wendigo
03) Chakra
04) Jessup
05) Elohim
06) Ichtyo
07) Ganzfeld
08) Kryptoid
09) Flammarion
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