Album:  	Toward The Horizon
Artist:  	Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen
Year:  	        2019
Genre / Style:  Electronic / New Age / Ambient / Berlin-School

For many years at ExposΘ we have been reviewing the work of Craig Padilla, both as a solo artist and in collaborations with Zero Ohms, Skip Murphy, Howard Givens, and others. A master of analog and digital synths, he has roughly three dozen releases to his credit beginning around 1990, with the expansive Vostok and Folding Space and Melting Galaxies from the early 2000s being a couple particular highlights for me. Marvin Allen is a northern California based multi-instrumentalist and composer, and a longtime friend of Padilla, but this is their first collaboration together, and is in fact AllenÆs first foray into the musical world of ambient electronic sounds, but one would never guess that; here, he contributes electric guitars to the proceedings throughout. Right out of the gate on the opening title track begins with AllenÆs guitar in the fore mixing dreamy chords and textures as PadillaÆs synths add warmth, color, ambient washes, and spectacular panoramas to the sound, drifting freely for nearly eighteen minutes, an experience that most certainly lives up to the title. Some subtle soft sequences underlie the deep space foundational textures, eventually eclipsed by interesting synth effects and soaring guitar leads. OneÆs imagination can easily drift back to the times of Stratosfear and Ricochet, and indeed this is Berlin School influenced at its heart, but a far more contemporary flavor, spinning together numerous organic influences that hold it all together. Finally the title track winds down, ending much as it began. The remaining five tracks take various alternate paths, sometimes blending dense waves of sequences and flowing textures, other times offering darker more cavernous sounds slowly morphing into busy, vivid sequences. One highlight comes midway through the thirteen minute ôTidal Disruption,ö where searing guitar leads work over a bed of busy sequences and synth drums that comes very close to rocking out, but eventually finds its way back to a peaceful conclusion. ôHiddenö is introduced by heavily effected guitars, and soon joined by bubbling, swirling synths as the piece wanders forward and above to the eleven minute mark, very unlike any of the other pieces here. Closer ôLiquid Heavenö is a perfectly descriptive title, slowly shimmering and morphing with fountains of color and texture floating in and out, itÆs the perfect conclusion to this bold cinematic dreamscape.
 - by Peter Thelen, Published 2019-05-07 ;

Number of Tracks: 6
Total Duration:   1:04:42
Total Size:       151 MBs (including scan, m3u, pdf, and txt)
Parity Archive:   Yes, 7%
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Ripped With:  	  NMR
Encoded At:  	  320k CBR / 48 KHz
ID3 Tags:         Yes
TXT Created:  	  4 December 2019

01) Toward The Horizon
02) Distant Waves
03) Tidal Disruption
04) Beneath The Surface
05) Hidden
06) Liquid Heaven
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