Dear booklovers

I discovered the Psychopath posts in late 2014.
Since then I downloaded and stored them all (as far as I know).

I also backtracked as far as my payserver allowed and got the older posts up to
21 November 2012. (I only had some 700 days retention back then.)

As many payservers only have 3 to 4 years of retention those who discovered
the Psychopath posts only recently may have trouble getting the pre-2018 stuff.

I have decided to start doing repost floods from my archive.
I will upload 2012 up to and including 2017 in archives each containing all the 
Psychopath posts of approx. 1 month. 
(Psychopath uploaded a post almost every day in those days.)

I will add 15% PAR2 to each archive

Naming conventions:
Psychopath_Repost_Readme.txt	-> This file, included with each upload.
Psychopath_Contents_XXXX_YY.txt -> List of the contents of this upload.
Psychopath_YYYY_MM.par2			-> Par2 files and multi-part RAR archive.
Psychopath_YYYY_MM.part02.rar etcetera  

YYYY and MM refer to original year and month of posting by Psychopath.

All posts will be done with "TonnyTonny <[email protected]>" as poster.
Killfile me if you are not interested in these.

Unfortunately on 24/7/2021 I discovered that one of my storage harddisks had
developed a serious case of bit-rot. As a result I lost alls sets of 2015 after
May 1 and 2016 before September 20.
It also appears that the last 6 weeks of 2017 (November 12 and later) are missing.

So my collection isn't as complete as I thought. 
If anyone can fill that gap I would be very thankfull.