"CorelSCSI for PD" 2.1 ASPI drivers

Note: this is an archive of the extracted files, there is no Install files
included. Originally downloaded from Pinnacle Micro (www.pinnaclemicro.com)
as an update to my Pinnacle Micro Ext. SCSI CD burner software. 
This software and Corel CD Creater were included with their RCD SCSI CDRW, 
PD and Apex drives. Size on disk is ~5Mb.

This package is equivalent to CorelSCSI 2.1 Pro minus the DOS install EXE

Read the README files inside the archive !

This software provides the following ASPI managers:
Card Type                      ASPI Version    File Name
---------                      ------------    -------------
Corel Generic ASPI for         1.22c           ASPIDRV.SYS
BusLogic and Adaptec
(154x, 164x) host adapters

Corel Generic ASPI for the     1.00a           ASPIMED.SYS
Pro Audio Studio 16 card

Corel 'LS2000' ASPI Manager    1.10            ASPILS_D.SYS

Corel Generic ASPI for IBM     1.00a           ASPIIBM.SYS
MCA host adapters

IBM 3550 ThinkPad Docking      1.00a           ASPIIBM.SYS
Station ASPI Manager

IBM 3545 ThinkPad Docking      4.0             DCAM950.EXE
Station ASPI Manager           4.0             ASPIFCAM.SYS

IBM 16-Bit AT Fast SCSI        4.0             DCAM18XX.SYS
Adapter ASPI Manager           4.0             ASPIFCAM.SYS

Acculogic ASPI Interface       3.01.01         ASPICAM.SYS

Acculogic CAM driver           3.00.05         DOSCAM.SYS

Always 'AL-500' ASPI Manager   1.10            ASPILS_D.SYS

Always 'AL-1000' ASPI Manager  1.00            ASPISHT.SYS

Always 'AL-7000' ASPI Manager  837-13.13       AL7ASPI.SYS

Always 'IN-2000' ASPI Manager  461-12          ASPIDRVR.SYS
American Megatrends Fast Disk  1.1             ASPIKERN.SYS

DPT ASPI for SCSI BIOS         001.K           DPTDDL.SYS

DPT ASPI for SCSI BIOS         002.B           DPTDDL.SYS

DTC '3X80/3X50' ASPI Manager   1.5A            ASPI3X80.SYS

New Media 'Visual Media'       2.03            ASPIMGR.SYS
ASPI Manager

New Media 'Bus Toaster'        1.00            BTASPI.SYS
ASPI Manager

P.E. Logic 'SCSI-Link EPP'     2.52            PWBSASPI.SYS
Host Adapter

P.E. Logic 'PEL-8xx Series     2.00            PEL800.SYS
8-bit' Host Adapter

P.E. Logic 'PEL-16xx Series    2.00            PEL1600.SYS
16-bit' Host Adapter

Procomp 'Pro-Val'              1.0a            PVALASPI.SYS
ASPI Manager

Future Domain ASPI Manager     4.0             ASPIFCAM.SYS

(TMC-950) Future/CAM 8-Bit     4.0             DCAM950.EXE
Multi-tasking CAM driver

(TMC-18XX) Future/CAM 16-Bit   4.0             DCAM18XX.EXE
Multi- tasking CAM driver 

(TMC-950)Future/CAM 8-Bit      4.0             MCAM950.SYS
Single tasking CAM driver 

(TMC-18XX) Future/CAM 16-Bit   4.0             MCAM18XX.SYS
Single-tasking CAM driver 

QLogic ASPI Manager            2.17            QLASPI.SYS

QLogic SCSI RAM BIOS           2.17            QL406DOS.SYS

CoComp 'SCSICable Plus'        2.602           WBSASPI.SYS
ASPI Manager

UltraStor 'Ultra 14F/34F'      2.03            USPI14.SYS 

UltraStor 'Ultra 14N'          1.01            USPI14N.SYS

UltraStor 'Ultra 24FA'         2.02            USPI24.SYS

Also included:
CorelSCSI! Universal CD-ROM    3.03a           CUNI_ASP.SYS
for read only devices

CorelSCSI! Universal ASPI      4.10e           UNI_ASP.SYS
for writable devices

CorelCDX 1995 a replacement to MSCDEX, requires DOS 3.1 or higher.

NOTE: To help distinguish between the revisions of the DPT 
      ASPI managers, which both use the name DPTDDL.SYS, two
      different file names are used. However, the installation
      renames the selected ASPI manager to DPTDDL.SYS. 


        * V.001.K is in the file DPTDDL1K.SYS
        * V.002.B is in the file DPTDDL2B.SYS