The Irving Klaw Classics, Volumes 1-4

"Notorious beauty Bettie Page and other sexy pinups star in this
collection of 8mm shorts produced by photographer Irving Klaw
(aka "the King of Pinups") between 1951 and 1956.  Highlights
include a pair of rare catfight films featuring glamorous women
wrestling in lingerie; a series of fetish films involving high
heels, black stockings and black gloves; and a collection of
provocative burlesque-style dances."

Four DVDs of untouched video.  A lot of Bettie Page, a little
Lili St. Cyr, and a bunch of other dames.  Bear in mind that
these are taken from grainy, skippy, ancient 8mm and 16mm films! 
They're mostly black and white but there is a tiny bit of color.

Disk 1 - The Bettie Page Films
Disk 2 - The Wrestling Films
Klaw 3 - The Fetish Films
Disk 4 - The Dance Films

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