SEG 1:
Chat is saying that Bubba's hat looks like he has vitiligo
Bubba goes to Ned Shot; Ned's riding his broom
Bubba says his hat was probably exposed to bleach at the track's bathroom
Bubba talks about the BRP's bathrooms
Bubba texted Tuddle yesterday; wants to get Tuddle and Trace in studio on Thursdays

SEG 2:
Diacos will be in studio today in the 8 O'Clock
Bubba needs to talk to the Diacos about getting using their cars for T-Town G's music video
Bubba promos BGN; how we're streaming the BGN
Bubba wants to do a BRN high jump; Bubba thinks he can beat Caveman
Bubba challenges Caveman to 1on1 basketball
Bubba plays positioning statement from EXTRA 90.5FM
CALLER - Mike From Lithia - Father-in-law owns Raccoons
Mike is trying to convince his father-in-law on doing stuff with Bubba
Bubba goes into troll tangent
Bubba teases talking about Mike Calta

SEG 3:
Bubba goes through some of the most common prop best
Bubba goes into tangent about various NFL broadcasters; Tony Stewart was offered a broadcasting job which he decline
Bubba goes back into super bowl props
Bubba gets into viral video of dog getting its prostate checked
Bubba jumps into troll talk; Mike Calta talk
Bubba has a theory of Mike Calta trying to troll Bubba
Bubba gets into story about Peter Sloan who claims to be William Shatner's son; Sloan is trying to change his name to Shatner
Bubba plays clip from his interview with Peter Sloan from 2019; Bubba peeling back Sloan being a fraud
Bubba goes into video clip of Manson sleeping yesterday
Bubba starts analyzing clip of Manson sleeping

SEG 4:
Bubba says he just discovered the 'clips' section on Twitch
Bubba wants to play a 'clip of the day' everyday
Bubba play twitch clip that was clipped by 'translucent 25'
Bubba starts playing different clips people clipped for us
Bubba teases breaking Bay News 9 story involving Hogan and Calta

SEG 5:
Diacos in studio
Jeff Gigante in studio
Bubba plays everyone's specialized intros
Bubba plays Manson's parody for Dr. Dan
Jeff talks about his new restaurants/ventures
Bubba asks the guys if we can use their cars for T-Town G's music video
Bubba tries to negotiate procuring their cars for the music video
Bubba goes into story about Hulk Hogan asking judge to bring Calta's agent back into $110M lawsuit
Bubba brings up story of Tiger Woods having to do over 100 paternity tests; turns out to be fake
Bubba and the guys start talking about their kids
Its racing talk on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show
Dan brings up the new technology at his offices

SEG 6:
Bubba goes to GBJ on slate
GBJ is dressed like a prisoner
GBJ says he's depressed
We're running late; Caveman forgot to clear break clock

SEG 7:

SEG 8:
Season 7 of Veep will be its last
Bubba talks about possibly moving BRN Royalty Party to March of 2020 (3/7/2020)
Bubba says the amounts will go up a bit to be part of the party