SEG 1:
Two Thousand Nineteenth Year
Bubba 'Do they start keep score supposedly after Jesus died?'
Bubba 'What's time based off of?'
Bubba 'What is Pangea?'
Bubba and the guys pontificate about 'year one'
Tuddle tattle tales on Stoned Joey Logano for screwing up bump in music
Bubba goes to slate; talks to Christian

SEG 2:
Bubba thinks the interns are pandering with their bump ins; had Elvis on their list
Bubba gets into talking about Elvis and his sex life
Bubba talks about Elvis getting a 'two turntables and a microphone' during moon landing
Bubba asks Blitz about our moon landing
It's space talk on the Bubba the love sponge show...
Bubba goes to Stoned Joey Logano on slate to discuss where he disappeared to
Tuddle is now Stoned Joey Logano's supervisor
Tuddle wants to give SJL his job that he was assigned during yesterday's creative meeting
Trace is trying to get out of his work load too
Bubba says Trace will get 20 shots shirtless if he doesn't get his work done by Tuesday
Bubba teases Extra 90.5 poll

SEG 3:
Bubba breaks down the Twitch Master Bitter program
Tuddle says the Twitch fans want Bubba to go through the pics of the BGN girls

SEG 4:
Bubba thinks we would be in jail or the next Kardashians if we filmed everything
Bubba goes into tangent about how he cornered Manson and Tuddle outside of the studio and gimmicked them up
Bubba is controlling everyone's gimmicks until 10AM
(724) Bubba challenged Tuddle that he couldnt do fortys and blunts
CALLER - 3 Hizznowizz
Guys guess 3Hizz's weight
Bubba says 325lbs
Trace says 270lbs
Tuddle says 340lbs
Manson says 271lbs
Ned says 341lbs
Says she is between 325-340lbs
Bubba asks 3Hizz who from the BRN would she want to have come over to her hotel room after the BGN festivities
Bubba has Tuddle spit some game to 3Hizz
Bubba gets possible after BGN doings between Tuddle and 3Hizz
Bubba wants Tuddle to film his after BGN doings with 3Hizz

SEG 5:
Bubba wants Blitz to cut over to Manson every time he falls asleep on the show
Manson fell asleep during the commercial break
Bubba gets tired with the Post Jabrone gimmick
Bubba and Tuddle get a little confrontational
Bubba goes on tangent which leads to talking about Party Boy Ryan

SEG 6:
Big Slop from Peterborough calls in
Big Slop said that the big boss in Peterborough liked yesterday's break
Big Slop said he'd change his on air name as long as he gets the okay from the boss
Bubba asks Big Slop how PTBO's management feels about the show
Bubba gets into story about the Chlamydia outbreak in Charleston, SC

SEG 7:
Manson is asleep again...
Bubba tells everyone to not bother him; tries to find his firecrackers to wake up Manson
Manson wakes up before we can mess with him
Bubba wants to be able to sleep during the show
Bubba asks the guys who would want to host the show so he can co-host
Rainbow Rick had a suggestion on deadlines for people to send in bits
Bubba goes through the Oscar nominations for 2019
Bubba was sent most of the movies up for Best Pic from SAG
Bubba wants to watch some of these movies/shows from SAG to become more worldly
Bubba gets into tax talk; story of Cristiano Rinaldo being fined $21.6Million for tax fraud
Bubbag gets into story about Louisiana governor sending formal complaint to NFL over call in Rams-Saints NFC Championship Game
Bubba says he would like to see the NFL replay the game and/or the play
Blitz explains the implications of the NFL replaying the game and/or the play
Bubba says this is the only time he'd invoke the rule; caveman faces Bubba

SEG 8:
Bubba says he doesn't know if he will be able to do the demolition derby
Trace may take Bubba's place in the demolition
Bubba recaps the entire show
Tuddle goes through what Bubba wants taped between 3HizzNoWizz and Pimp Nerd
CALLER - Brandon the Quad - Says the T-Town G's should perform at BGN
T-Town G's do a slowed down version of their song for Brandon the Quad