SEG 1:
Trace Hogan busts into the studio
We are on the front page of Twitch
We have 3 gimmicks ready for our fans during our front page appearance
Rocker from Mike's Pizza is the best

We have a quick creative meeting after the show
Bubba wants to make some improvements to BAR
Bubba goes to Ned shot
Bubba reintroduces himself and the guys to our new Twitch viewers
Guys play testicle cornhole
Trace poops his pants

Guys continue testicle cornhole
Tuddle wins testicle cornhole
T-Town G's right to the stage
Bubba is upset Bottom Boi doesnt have the Bubba Justice table set up for his laptop setup
Bubba bean bags Bottom Boi's sack
T-Town G's perform their song
Bubba gets upset at Trace, punishes him by throwing bean bag at his sack
T-Town G's perform their song
Bubba shows them how it would have been if they were to perform the song the speed they produced it at

Bubba mentions all the different signs that Gary from Hex Head recommends for us
Bubba Army sign is the most popular sign being sold on Hex Head this past month
Blitz loves the Pot Leaf design
Bubba says Janie Cakes has been looking into medical marijuana to help with some of her aches and pains
Janie Cakes now has her medical marijuana card and is off all her opioids
Tuddle brings up Gov. DeSantis and his stance on smokable marijuana
Bubba gets on a tangent about Ron DeSantis and how he ousted some of Rick Scott's cronies
Bubba talks about all the new merch available on Amazon
Bubba starts ribbing Trace for pooping his pants earlier
Bubba plays some old SNL clip...

SEG 5:
Bubba thinks Tuddle probably needs to use Forever Tantra because he has no game sexually
Bubba gets into BGN talk
Bubba shows one of the contestants for BGN, its 3hizznowizz on Twitch
Bubba gets into news stories
NJ Teacher has sex with 18yo student
Disabled woman sexually abused by caretakers
Guy stops home invasion with AK47
Emotional support gator
CALLER - Opie - Talks about teacher/student story
Tuddle says he's made love to a Gatorade bottle
Bubba gets into playing Bubba Gatorade bits
Bubba gets into talking about Hogan sex tape tangent
Big Dick was involved
Bubba asks Tuddle what he may have known

SEG 6:
The owner of Peterborough thinks we are working up there
Tuddle mentions that he'd need to get a new passport if he's going up there
Blitz chimes in, asks Tuddle about talent fee involved with a Peterborough gig
Bubba wants Peterborough Bubba Army to call Graham Elliot our PD
Bubba calls Extra 90.5FM our Peterborough affiliate
Bubba talks to guy in the newsroom; its '@bigslop' on Twitch aka 'Matt with 2 R's'

SEG 7:
CALLER - Nathan from Peterborough - Marks out to the show; says there's a lot of friends listening
CALLER - Blake from Peterborough - Marks out to the show, says the show is growing in town; EXTRA 90.5 is doing some strong marketing for us
Bubba wants everyone at the BRN to start looking into getting their passports just in case we go up to PTBO this year
CALLER - Pierre from Peterborough - Marks out to the show; says we would be treated like kings up in Peterborough
CALLER - Mark from Ohio - Wants a Bubbapalooza in Ohio; marks out to the show and Cleveland Bubbapalooza

SEG 8:
Bubba talks about fake Facebook accounts that try to reach out to him
Bubba tries to scare them off by being as crude as possible to them
Bubba was kissed by a dude?
Bubba gets into story about new 2020 Mustang being auctioned off for $1.1M
Bubba gets into story about passengers stuck on United flight in frigid cold for more than 14hrs