SEG 1:
The BRN is having some technical issues with the internet
We are broadcasting fine to BAR/TuneIn/Twitch but internal internet at the BRN is acting up
Bubba starts talking about Steve Perry's penis size
Bubba and the guys make fun of Steve Perry's dance moves and mom jeans
Manson is full hizz over Steve Perry hitting high notes
Bubba hasn't had a man experience but he would go gay with Manson on a deserted island
Bubba 'shut up Mike, let me spoon you a little bit'
Bubba asks the guys who'd they'd partner up with from the BRN on a deserted island

SEG 2:
Twitch front page 6-7A - T-Town G's will be performing LIVE from the BRN stage
We have 3 events going on tomorrow for Twitch Front Page
Bubba wants to do a soundcheck and dry run with the T-Town G's today
Bubba wants to have DJ Bottom Boi in full dress up tomorrow with his laptop
Bubba asks Tuddle about his love life, thinks Tuddle is in the friend zone with Lisa
Bubba and Tuddle role play Bubba talking to Lisa
Tuddle says Lisa rode her bike to the bar they met at this past weekend
Bubba and the guys keep ribbing on Tuddle

SEG 3:
This Saturday Big Girl Nationals at Bubba Raceway Park
Bubba may need to cancel the slip and slide
Our Commission for the event is 'Fireball'
Bubba mispronounces 'height' says 'heith'
Bubba spin himself out while talking about 'heith'
Bubba gets into talking about story of him shooting a pilot for a show years ago
Pig Clem
Bubba says this saturday is an all hands on deck
Bubba is pissed at Trace after finding Trace's cigarette butts near the front door
Trace says those aren't his and explains how they're probably from the BRN Master Bitter Party
Bubba is upset about our internet, ready to go glorhole-ing to make money

SEG 4:
Blitz brought in some awesome pulled pork
Tuddle asks for nips for MLK Jr. Day
Bubba wants to have African American callers only for MLK Jr. Day
Bubba wants to give out Monster Jam tix to African American
Bubba's phone lines are acting up
Bubba ends up going to the phone screener position

SEG 5:
Bubba is upset at Trace for not talking to chat during breaks wants him to spend the remaining 4 breaks talking to chat
Bubba gets into NFC Championship game between Rams and Saints
Bubba talks about the non-pass interference; calls it one of the biggest screw jobs in football
Bubba begins to break down actual play in question
Bubba goes over Ned's new 'Apocalpyse Ned' bit
Bubba gets into Jimmy Buffett dropping the mic after singing the National Anthem before NFC Championship game
Buffett's rendition of the National Anthem sucked
Bubba and the guys find it disrespectful for Buffett to mic drop after National Anthem
Bubba gets into story about almost dying on the roads this past weekend
Bubba contemplates what would have happened if he would have gotten killed due to road rage

SEG 6:
Bubba thinks phones are down again
Bubba has SJL go fix the phones system
Bubba brings up Big Girl Nationals; shows pics of one of our contestants
Bubba promos how you can watch the event live
Bubba is going to start posting pics of the BGN contestants
Bubba tries to audio engineer the wireless mics for T-Town G's dry run
T-Town G's on stage trying to dial it in and they sound like crap
T-Town G's perform their song on stage to dial it in for Twitch Front Page

SEG 7:
Post Jabrone should ask out Lisa instead of Tuddle
Bubba and the guys try to teach Tuddle how to spit some game to Lisa
Tuddle got a text from Lisa; he's hesitant to read it on air
Bubba wants Tuddle to text Lisa back asking her if she will kiss him on their next date
Bubba wants Tuddle to be more Daddy Dom

SEG 8:
Bubba is going to be at BRP every day this week
Tuddle says Lisa has been reaching out to him during the break
Lisa seems to want a more assertive man
Bubba and the guys give advice to Tuddle on how to approach Lisa
Bubba plays the T-Town G's song slowed down at 7% so the guys can actually get the lyrics right
Tuddle is going to try to get Lisa on the phone tomorrow; asks Bubba to be cool