Lasker in studio
Bubba show's Lasker the new How Bout Dat shirt on Amazon
Lasker wants to know if he'll get in trouble with NASCAR
Bubba asks Lasker what he does at work
Bubba says ever time he's went to Buffalo Ave Lasker has been on FB on his phone
Bubba gripes about Lasker not being at his shop for the Clitoral Stimulator meeting
Bubba doesnt want to to go to any meeting unless he knows what its about
Bubba goes to Caveman for a Bubba Raw video report
Bubba and the guys get into JD Gibbs talk

Guys get into the 64 Long t-shirt design talk designed by Rainbow Rick
Guys start talking about Bronco Rick
Go back into 64 Long t-shirt talk
Bubba gets into NFL Playoff talk, Bubba likes that both games are on Sunday
Bubba marks out to our disclaimer
EMAILS: 1. Best Of suggestions 2. TBT Comments from yesterday 3. Twitch hosting
Bubba gets into Bob Costas leaving NBC Sports
Guys pontificate on what's Bob Costas' next move after leaving NBC
New show motto 'Let's Make Money & Get Popular Again'
Lasker says he represents the average guy

Bubba wants to get the BGN logo over to the guys from Hex Head Art to see if they can whip it up
Bubba and the guys look at the various College Hex Head designs available on the site
Rainbow Rick calls to talk about BGN merch
Rainbow Rick is moving locations
Rainbow Engraving is moving and HexHead is designing some items for them
Rainbow Rick consents to G-Watering Drunk Kim at the next BRN Party (16MINS)
BGN talk, Bubba goes over the BGN Rules
Bubba says we have about 20 ladies which means we will probably have 10 ladies show up

Ned Please
BGN Next Saturday
CALLER- David from Mississippi hates Brent Hatley, thinks Brent always planned to jump to Howard

Bubba gets into Chris Brown legal story out of Tampa
Bubba has some issues with video again, has to replay entire story
Bubba and the guys talk about Chris Brown possibly going to jail
Bubba asks Lasker how it was being in jail for 10 days
Bubba starts getting into how BGN will be broadcasted on a streaming format other than Twitch
Bubba gets into story about FL GOV. Ron DeSantis wanting to lift ban on smokable marijuana
Bubba plays Manson's Morgan & Morgan weed bit
Bubba gets into story about the odds of dying in the US; Opioids on the top of list
Bubba plays Manson's John Mother Effing Morgan bit
Bubba wants the John Morgan bits on FB with our logo
BGN talk, we are going to stream it on one of our platforms
Bubba gets into story about Marion County man who kept trying to get children to touch him inappropriately
Bubba comes up with the idea of strip club incentive program for prisoners
Bubba and the guys go on a tangent on what would Bubba do if a prisoner broke out from the Ocala jail and came by the track
Bubba and the guys get back into the Marion County kid toucher
CALLER talks about prison contraband; porn is currency
Cell phones with pre-loaded porn can be rented to other prisoners for a few packs of smokes

BGN talk, this event could be 'checkers or wreckers' like Lasker's racing career
Bubba has been sizing up prospects for BGN
Bubba and Manson roleplay the Bubba trying to recruit girls for BGN
CALLER - Guy marks out; plans on going to BGN

Bubba has a pic he wants to post
Bubba wants a payday
Bubba asks colton how to post a pic
Bubba talks about Trace's ashtray
Bubba calls Edler Ford looking for Tucci Troyer
Bubba starts getting into story about FL Man who used Fortnite to contact underage kids
Bubba and the guys pontificate on the most brutal ways people have been sentenced to die
Lasker brings up movie he watched where a woman was stoned probably for 'honor killing'
Bubba thinks his family would have stoned him long ago
CALLER - Tucci Troyer from Elder Ford call back in
CALLER - Joe The Super Mark calls in talking NFL Playoffs
Bubba asks about JTSM's current legal situation
JTSM lingers...

Bubba goes over the merch that will be at BGN next week
Pitty Cheer 1500 bits by CableDawg
Bubba's concerned its the slowest day ever as far as bits