SEG 1:
Bubba plays Elvis performing CC Rider
Bubba wants to recreate Elvis entering the building
Bubba 'You think Elvis got a lot of strange'
Bubba "was such a pimp he married a teen...'
Blitz 'such a pimp that he could be a child molester'
Bubba says Elvis said that he didnt have sex with his
Bubba google's if Elvis would have young girls wrestling backstage in their panties
Bubba finds an article about 'Elvis' sex secrets'
Bubba finds out that he's more Elvis than he originally thought

SEG 2:
Bubba thinks he's the Tampa Elvis
Bubba gets into the similarities between him and Elvis
Bubba made the mistake of reading the comments on the Tampa Bay Times FB page repost of his article written in December
Bubba 'maybe Dixie Carter was right, i have real heat'
Bubba thinks that most people hate him because of the Hogan tape
Bubba is going to read some of the meanest posts later today
CALLER from Peterborough marks out to Bubba
Bubba wants to go up there soon
Peterborough listener says we are known by the common guy
Bubba plays a Manson Trump song off of Facebook
Bubba goes to Caveman to see if he can get him two videos for YouTube
Bubba goes back to Manson's Trump song
Bubba wants to get all of Manson's PRO TRUMP songs to Tucker or Roger Stone
Bubba wants to get Trump on for an interview, let his people write the soft ball questions
Bubba wants Manson to revise this to be even more over the top pro Trump

Guy named BFudd subscribed to the channel
Bubba was wondering if it's really BFudd in the chat
Bubba wants to bury the hatchet with BFudd
Bubba talks about Ned getting into a fender bender with Brooke Hogan before Bubba's wedding
Bubba starts getting into the hateful FB comments made by people on the Tampa Bay Times article about him
Bubba sees a comment from Mike Calta, wonders if its him

Bubba gets into story about Kurt Angle's niece being abducted and rescued
Bubba wants to get back into the hateful FB comments by TBT readers
CALLER- Wants us to get back into abortion
CALLER- Guy wants to know if bubba is giving out clothes hangers at Bubba's Abortion Clinic
Bubba gets back into the hateful FB comments by TBT readers
Bubba starts analyzing Calta's comments on the TBT post
Does Calta get Bubba alerts?
Bubba continues the hateful FB comments
CALLER from NJ points out that one of the most hateful commenters had a similar name to that of someone involved in the Hogan case (Spice's wife's best friend who got popped by feds)

Bubba thinks we should find a way to repurpose our 'Previously-s'

Bubba gets into Elvis' sex stories
Blitz equates Elvis to R. Kelly now
Bubba gets back into Elvis' sex stories
Bubba gets into story of his 2005 Super Bowl Party
Bubba gets back into Elvis' sex stories
'Life is a glory hole when you're blind'

Bubba talks about Janie Cakes using a canna gummy instead of a pain pill
CALLER - Talks MB Machine and how great it was for him and his dad who was taking pills
Back to BGN talk

Bubba asks Manson if he's ever heard of the term 'cheetos fingers' before working for Bubba
Bubba starts looking at the BGN shirt
Bubba looks at the newest Bubba Army Gene Lasker 'How Bout Dat' shirt on Amazon
Bubba thinks Rainbow Rick designed it.... Caveman designed it. Bubba apologizes to Caveman
Bubba checks out the other Bubba Army shirts on Amazon

Forever Tantra
Bubba got Bohemian Rhapsody DVD from SAG
CALLER- curious about night of demolition next Saturday at BRP