Greys Anatomy Season 2 All 27 Episodes


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All Episodes have multilanguage subs

Episode 1 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head Aired 25 september 2005 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.3

Meredith, shattered by revelations, is forced to work with Addison, Joe collapses at the bar, Cristina has some pretty 
shattering news of her own, and Alex starts working on Izzie. 

Episode 2 Enough Is Enough Aired 02. october 2005 1 hour IMDb rating 8.1

A family is admitted after being involved in a car crash, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Bailey 
and her team deal with a strange case, and relationship woes plague Meredith, Cristina and George. 

Episode 3 Make Me Lose Control Aired 09. october 2005 43 min IMDb rating 8.6

Meredith is horrified when her mother is admitted, and everyone is concerned when Cristina collapses in the operating room. 
Meanwhile, Addison is determined to save a very sick baby. 

Episode 4 Deny, Deny, Deny Aired 16. october 2005 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.4

Cristina is determined to get back to work, and despite not being fully recovered, she manages to crack an odd case. 
Meanwhile, Addison offers to help Bailey with a complicated surgery, and Alex receives important news. 

Episode 5 Bring The Pain Aired 23. october 2005 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.5

A storm rages, causing power outages and jamming the elevator, trapping George and Alex inside with a vulnerable patient. 
Meanwhile, Meredith and Derek arrange a religious ritual for a young woman, and Cristina deals with an unusual case. 

Episode 6 Into You Like A Train Aired 30. october 2005 1 Hour IMDb rating 9.0

A train wreck brings in multiple casualties, leaving Meredith hanging for her answer. Meanwhile, Alex finds working without 
his mojo a disheartening experience, and Cristina searches high and low for a missing appendage. 

Episode 7 Something To Talk About Aired 06. november 2005 41 min IMDb rating 8.1

Derek reluctantly attends marriage counseling with Addison, while Meredith, Izzie and Cristina steal a patient with an 
unusual problem. Alex helps a young patient gain her independence, and Cristina thinks Bailey knows about her and Burke. 

Episode 8 Let It Be 13. november 2005 1 Hour IMDb rating 7.9

Friends of Derek and Addison come from New York for a preventative surgery that causes discord among both couples. Meanwhile, 
George helps a man who has fallen from a roof, and Bailey delivers news to the Chief. 

Episode 9 Thanks For The Memories Aired 20. november 2005 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.4

Thanksgiving sends the occupants of Meredith's house in different directions: Meredith escapes to the hospital, George goes 
hunting with his family, and Izzie throws a dinner to which it appears no one is coming. 

Episode 10 Much To Much Aired 27. november 2005 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.1

Meredith's one night stand causes complications when he shows up at the hospital with an embarrassing problem. Meanwhile, 
Burke tries to push Cristina toward the next step, and Alex's problems affect his performance. 

Episode 11 Owner Of A Lonely Heart Aired 04. December 2005 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.1

The mother of the quints blames herself. Meanwhile, Izzy becomes attached to her patient, Karev must face the consequences 
of his actions, and Cristina takes care of an inmate desperate to stay at the hospital. 

Episode 12 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer Aired 11. december 2005 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.1

Christmas hits Seattle, with Izzie caring for a man who fell from his roof while hanging decorations. Meanwhile, Cristina 
helps perform a heart transplant on a depressed boy, and George has to contend with the family from Hell.

Episode 13 Begin The Begin Aired 15. january 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.2

Izzie becomes attracted to a male patient with a heart condition, and George treats Bex, an intersex patient. Meanwhile, 
Meredith's mother receives a visitor, and Derek and Addison's relationship is still rocky.

Episode 14 Tell Me Sweet Little Lies Aired 22. january 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 7.9

Meredith must choose between her dog and her roommates. Meanwhile, George deals with an elderly patient who has outstayed 
her welcome, Bailey's pregnancy has complications, Alex gets his exam results, and Richard has a strike on his hands.  

Episode 15 Break On Through Aired 29. january 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.3

The nurses are striking, and George refuses to cross the picket line. The interns are surprised by Bailey's seemingly 
immature replacement, Izzie connects with a pregnant girl, and an elderly woman's plight pushes Meredith to the limit. 

Episode 16 It's The End Of The World Aired 5. february 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 9.4

The lives of everyone in the OR are threatened when a patient enters with a bomb inside him, and a young paramedic with 
her arm inside the cavity is the only thing keeping it from going off. 

Episode 17 As we Know It Aired 12. february 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 9.4

While the man with the bomb lodged in his chest remains in Burke's OR with Meredith's hand in the cavity, Bailey's injured 
husband remains in Derek's. Meanwhile, Bailey's distress puts her unborn baby at risk. 

Episode 18 Yesterday Aired 19. february 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.3

Derek and Addison are shaken by the arrival of a figure from their past. Meanwhile, Burke learns Cristina's secret, Izzie 
deals with a very unusual case, Meredith delves into her family's dirty laundry, and George pours his heart out. 

Episode 19 What Have I Done To Deserve This? Aired 26. february 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.1

Meredith and George face the consequences of their actions, Izzie gets closer to Denny, who has been readmitted, and Addison 
asks for Bailey's help with an embarrassing ailment.

Episode 20 Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole Aired 12. march 2006 1 Hour IMDb Rating 8.0

Cristina babysits for Bailey and does not take to it well at all. Meanwhile, Addison and Derek come to terms with their 
relationship, George connects with Callie, and Denny continues to come between Alex and Izzie.

Episode 21 Superstition Aired 19. march 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.1

Superstition strikes, with the interns convinced a series of deaths will occur. A complication from the LVAD surgery puts 
Denny in the OR, Cristina plans to make George move out, and Richard's old AA sponsor is admitted for treatment. 

Episode 22 The Name Of The Game Aired 02. april 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.1

Cristina is desperate for George to move out of the apartment, while Izzie is jealous of Callie's relationship with him. 
Meanwhile, Cristina and Richard are rivals in a surgery seminar, and Meredith discovers a secret about her father.  

Episode 23 Blues For Sister Someone Aired 30. april 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 7.9

Meredith considers going on a date with Finn, and Izzie tries to find out more about George and Callie. Meanwhile, Alex 
clashes with Addison over a sensitive case, and Burke is nervous about operating on a patient who is one of his heroes.

Episode 24 Damage Case Aired 07. May 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 8.4

The victims of a serious car accident are admitted, with every surgeon required to help. Meanwhile, Callie's forwardness 
grates on Izzie, Addison makes Alex suffer, and Derek takes his frustration out on Meredith.  

Episode 25 17 Seconds Aired 14. May 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 9.0

The victims of a workplace shooting are admitted. Izzie puts her job on the line to ensure Denny gets a new heart, Callie 
makes an effort with Meredith, and Addison is suspicious of Derek. 

Episode 26 Deterioration Of The Fight or Flight Response Aired 15. may 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 9.0

Burke is admitted as a patient, along with Richard's niece. Izzie and the others fight to keep Denny alive, while Alex tries 
to secure the donor heart for him.  

Episode 27 Losing My Religion Aired 15. may 2006 1 Hour IMDb rating 9.3

Richard is determined to discover the guilty party, and punishes the interns by making them arrange a prom for his niece. 
Meanwhile, Callie presses George about his feelings, and Derek and Meredith have to make a decision about Doc.