Smallville Season 5 all 22 episodes


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All episodes have Danish, English, Norwegian Bokmaal, Finnish and Swedish subs

Episode 1 Arrival, Aired 29. september 2005 39 min

A meteor shower bursts from the heavens, raining destruction on the unsuspecting citizens of Smallville, Kansas. 


Episode 2 Mortal, Aired 06. october 2005  40 min

After Clark lost his powers, he finds that he needs them the most to save his family. 


Episode 3 Hidden, Aired 13. october 2005 40 min

Gabriel Duncan is a deranged teenager who breaks in the control room of a nuclear silo in Smallville, kills the two security 
guards, and starts the launch sequence to send one missile to destroy Smallville in one hour. He calls his friend Chloe, who 
is moving to the university, and asks her to leave the town that he wants to destroy because of the population of "meteor 
freaks." The army does not know which of the sixteen silos might have been broken in by Gabriel. Meanwhile, Clark and Lana 
sleep together in his room and early in the morning, Lana sneaks out of the house, but Jonathan and Martha see them. When 
Chloe calls Clark, he plots a simulation of a car accident with Chloe to force Gabriel to disclose his position. When 
Gabriel meets Chloe, Clark is deadly shot by the insane teenager, dying in the hospital. Suddenly, Lionel Luthor awakes from 
his catatonic situation in Belle Reve and Clark's body vanishes from the hospital which leads to both meeting at the 
Kryptonian Fortress of Solitude at the North Pole which leads to a surprising discovery for Clark. Elsewhere, the evil Lex 
continues to obsessively study the black spaceship at the LutherCorp warehouse and discovers that something else has climbed 
out of the ship.


Episode 4 Aqua, Aired 20. october 2005 41 min

Clark meets Arthur "AC" Curry, a young man with extraordinary powers underwater. AC is in Smallville hoping to sabotage a 
Luthorcorp experiment that is threatening sea life. While in Smallville, AC forms an attraction to Lois.


Episode 5 Thirst, Aired 27. october 2005 39 min

Lana tells Clark that she is moving to the Metropolis University and she is accepted in the Tri Psi Sorority, a sisterhood 
with hot vampires led by Buffy Sanders, and Lana is transformed in a vampire. Meanwhile, the chief-editor of The Daily Planet, 
Pauline Kahn, denies an intern position to Chloe, but in the end she proposes Chloe to write a good story to prove that she 
might be part of the team of reporters. Meanwhile, Lex intimidates Professor Milton Fine, but in retribution he shows a 
dossier about the secret experiments that Luthorcorp is performing in the campus of the Kansas University. When Clark sees 
Lana at Chloe's room, he believes she is with a hangover; later, he goes with Lana to a Halloween costume party promoted by 
the Tri Psi. When Lana attacks Chloe, Clark discloses the truth about Buffy and her sisterhood of vampires and tries to find 
a means to save Lana and Chloe when she gets bitten by the evil vamp Lana.


Episode 6 Exposed, Aired 03. november 2005 39 min

While working in the night shift at the Daily Planet, Chloe receives a distressed phone call from a woman claiming that she 
is in danger. Chloe and Lois schedule a meeting with the woman, but a car runs over her and the cousins witness the murder. 
Meanwhile, the close friend of Jonathan, Senator Jack Jennings, visits the farm to rest from his campaign for the senate 
against Lex Luthor. Jonathan is surprised by the visit of Detective Maggie Sawyer, who is investigating the death of the 
nineteen-year-old stripper that Chloe and Lois witnessed last night. She found a picture of Senator Jennings with the girl 
and is following the lead. Clark believes Lex is involved with the crime, but Lex helps him in the investigation. Lois 
decides to go undercover by working at the nightclub as a stripper to investigate the murder. When Lois meets the criminal, 
she is abducted and her life is in danger.


Episode 7 Splinter, Aired 10. november 2005 41 min

While visiting Lana in Metropolis, Clark opens a package addressed to Lana apparently sent by Lex Luthor and is wounded and 
infected by a splinter of silver kryptonite. This unusual piece of kryptonite causes Clark to have paranoid delusions, and he 
sees Chloe, Jonathan, Martha, Lana and Lex plotting against him. He defends himself against his "enemies", jeopardizing the 
lives of his dearest friends and family. But eventually help comes from a most unlikely of source: Milton Fine.


Episode 8 Solitude, Aired 17. november 2005 39 min

While returning home with Lois, Martha is hit by a flash of light followed by a thunder and contracts a lethal Kryptonian 
disease. Clark fears that Jor-El thus makes him pay for his resuscitation and asks for help from Professor Milton Fine, who 
tells Clark that Jor-El was a dictator on Krypton, who destroyed their great leader General Zod and the planet but sent Clark 
to Earth to dominate the world; the death of Martha would only be prevented by destroying the Fortress of Solitude. 
Meanwhile, Lionel convinces Chloe to investigate who Milton Fine really is. When Lois, feeling offended because Lex called 
her a "muffin peddler", meets Chloe, the double visits LuthorCorp., where the truth is revealed: Professor Milton Fine is 
actually a Kryptonian artificial intelligence unit, created by Jor-El but re-programed and corrupted by the Kryptonian rebel 
General Zod, who was executed for treason, and had his spirit banished to the hell-dimension of the Phantom Zone. Fine, a 
Brain-Interactive-Construct (aka: Brainiac), is trying to trick Clark into releasing Zod's spirit from the Phantom Zone by 
destroying the Fortress of Solitude.


Episode 9 Lexmas, Aired 08. december 2005 41 min

On Christmas Eve, Lex travels to a dangerous neighborhood in Granville, Kansas, dealing dirty means to cut Jonathan Kent of 
the race to the senate. He is shot twice in cold-blood when a couple of junkies steal his car, and Lex has a near-death 
vision of having a possible middle class lifestyle with a pregnant Lana as his wife and their son Alexander. In his near 
death experience, Lex is a simple man beloved by the people of Smallville and best friend of Jonathan and Clark. Meanwhile in 
the real world, he is submitted to a life-threatening surgery ordered by Lionel to avoid becoming crippled. Also, Chloe asks 
Clark to deliver many Christmas gifts to poor children, and Clark meets a sad and disappointed Santa Claus contemplating 
suicide. In the end, Lex concludes that love is cursed, based on the fate of Julian, Lillian and Lana, and power and money 
are the most important values in his life... which leads to him finally starting down the path of the dark side beginning 
when he secretly orders the execution of the junkie couple who attempted to kill him.


Episode 10 Fanatic, Aired 12. january 2006 39 min

While running for campaign to the senate, Jonathan hires Lois as his advisor. Meanwhile, his opponent Lex is visited by a 
group of fans leaded by the fanatic Samantha Drake, and the deranged woman threatens the safety of Jonathan by attempting to 
assassinate him at a political rally by using Lois to carry out the deed. Meanwhile, Lana discusses with Clark their sex life 
on why he no longer wants to make love to her, and Clark exposes his innermost fears to Chloe that Lana will discover his 
secret superpowers if he continues his romance with Lana. Elsewhere, Lionel takes and eliminates the dossier Griff has 
prepared to Lex to discredit Jonathan, and offers his financial support to Martha.


Episode 11 Lockdown, Aired 19. january 2006 39 min

A deranged policeman who survived the attack of the Kryptonians and his policewoman fiancée break into Lex's mansion asking 
for the location of the spaceship so they can go public with the news of "aliens on Earth". But Lex locks himself in the 
panic room. Clark accidentally finds the association of Lana with Lex in their research of the spacecraft when Lana is 
kidnapped by the renegade cops to force Luthor to leave the room. Lex gets shot, but Lana escapes to the panic room with him. 
Meanwhile, Jonathan presses Lois to find out who is funding his campaign and Martha tells the truth about Lionel.


Episode 12 Reckoning, Aired 26. january 2006 41 min

Clark reveals his secret to Lana, Jonathan and Lex learn the results of the senatorial election, and there is a tragic car 
accident on the highway that takes the life of someone Clark loves, forcing Clark to appeal to Jor-El for help.


Episode 13 Vengeance, Aired 02. february 2006 39 min

Clark Kent drops out the rest of the semester from Metropolis University to help Martha on the farm. He misses Jonathan and 
has not superseded the loss of his foster father. Martha offers Jonathan's watch to Clark, but he refuses. Martha goes to 
Metropolis to donate Jonathan's belongings to a mission, and she is assaulted by two lowlife criminals. However, she is 
rescued by a masked and powerful vigilante, but one of the punks steals the watch. Clark feels guilty about the watch and 
visits Chloe, trying to track the muggers. They decide to find the 'Angel of Vengeance,' and when they meet her, she 
discloses her identity of Chloe's klutzy colleague Andrea Rojas and tells that she became powerful six months ago after a 
heart transplantation of a donate that was hit by the meteor shower. Her mother and she were attacked by a mugger who killed 
her mother while Andrea survived, thirsty of revenge against the killer of her mother. Clark joins Andrea, but with a 
different viewpoint of justice since Andrea believes in killing criminals who have gotten away with murder through legal 
technicalities, whereas Clark still believes in the court system despite it not working most of the time. Meanwhile, Lionel 
tries to take the LuthorCorp from Lex, but he is blackmailed and gives up his intention.


Episode 14 Tomb, Aired 09. february 2006 38 min

During a power blackout, Chloe sees the ghost of a girl and cuts her both wrists. Chloe is interned in the hospital, and 
the psychiatrist diagnoses that she had a breakdown due to stress. Lana asks Lex to send Chloe to a mental institution for 
treatment since nobody believes her. However, Clark brings his friend to Lois's apartment above The Talon, where Chloe is 
possessed by a spirit of the dead girl, called Gretchen, and shows Clark the place where the skeleton is hidden in the 
Talon's wall. Chloe leaves the apartment alone seeking revenge against the killer, while the deranged orderly Michael 
Westmore kidnaps Lois. Meanwhile, Clark researches for information about the death of Gretchen in old newspapers. Also, 
Lionel encourages Martha to take the late Jonathan's place as senator to move on with her life.


Episode 15 Cyborg, Aired 16. february 2006 39 min

After being released from a prison in a laboratory of Luthorcorp's Cyntechnics by sympathetic scientist Dr. Hong, former 
Metropolis High football player Victor Stone is chased by armed security guards and hit by Lana's truck, without any harm. 
The car is totally destroyed, Lana wounds her forehead and Victor takes her to a hospital. Lana calls Clark, and he meets 
Victor, who played football against him in high school and died a year ago in a car crash. Victor explained that he became a 
living machine as part of the machine project researched by the evil Dr. Allister Krieg sponsored by Luthorcorp. Further, he 
misses his girlfriend Katherine. Clark promises to help him and visits Lex, who lies and tells Clark that he was not aware of 
the project. Meanwhile, Martha is blackmailed with a DVD showing Clark on a security camera rescuing the unconscious Lana 
from the warehouse explosion (from episode 'Lockdown') and Lionel offers to help her find the blackmailer.


Episode 16 Hypnotic, Aired 30. march 2006 40 min

Simone, a gorgeous blonde, comes to Smallville hypnotizing Clark with a blue pendant ruining his relationship with Lana, as 
well as hypnotizing Martha and Lex.


Episode 17 Void, Aired 06. april 2006 39 min

Distraught over her break-up with Clark, Lana goes to a rogue medical student who experiments with a dangerous 
kryptonite-based serum that allows people to flat-line but see their dead loved ones. Lana attempts to see her dead parents 
using the serum. Meanwhile, Clark travels to Honduras to find Milton Fine and the Kryptonian spaceship. Seeing that Fine has 
already moved on, Clark returns to Smallville to help Lana, the doctor injects him with the serum and Clark speaks with his 
dead father...who warns him that Lionel knows his secret. Meanwhile, Lionel continues working to get closer to Martha, and 
Lex has a near-death vision of his mother when he gets injected with the serum.


Episode 18 Fragile, Aired 13. april 2006 40 min

When the foster mother and chief of staff of Martha's, Naomi, is brutally murdered, her adopted daughter, Maddie stays with 
Martha and Clark. The girl becomes close to Clark and speaks for the first time in years. But when she discloses her power 
to shatter glass, she becomes the prime suspect for the death of Naomi and her biological mother after Lois voices her 
suspicions to it. While Clark investigates the origin of Maddie, her powerful father, who also has the same ability, breaks 
out of prison and abducts her. Meanwhile, Chloe witnesses Lex and Lana too close to each other, and later she accuses Lex of 
taking advantage of the vulnerable Lana.


Episode 19 Mercy, Aired 20. april 2006 41 min

Lionel Luthor is chased by a man with a mask and forced to play hangman to save his life when he traps Lionel in his limo in 
the path of a moving train. Later, he is abducted by the same stranger who places Lionel in an abandoned warehouse where he 
has to play lethal 'Jigsaw' type games to survive. Martha is also kidnapped and in his last test, the life of Martha is also 
put at stake and Lionel has to fight to save her life. Meanwhile, Chloe, Clark and Lex join forces trying to find Martha and 


Episode 20 Fade, Aired 27. april 2006 40 min

Standing outside the Metropolis courthouse with Chloe, Clark saves Graham Garrett from a car which would have crushed him. 
Graham insists to repay the favor by offering Clark whatever he wants, including the opportunity to be with Lana again. 
Graham later turns out to be a hired killer with chameleon powers that render him invisible. Clark also gets angry at Chloe 
for keeping Lana and Lex's affair from him. When Clark realizes that Graham wants to kill Lex and Lana to protect his 
identity, Clark rushes to find and ptotect them both.


Episode 21 Oracle, Aired  04. may 2006 41 min

On the day of his birthday celebrated with Martha, Chloe and Lois, Clark receives an envelope from Jonathan that Martha 
found with two baseball tickets and a message addressed to Clark. Clark visits Jonathan's grave, and his father appears and 
advises Clark to kill Lionel to save the human race from extinction. Later, Jonathan appears to Martha to convince her that 
Clark must kill Lionel. Meanwhile, Lex is dating Lana and shares with her that he had developed a vaccine to protect mankind 
against the virus collected by Milton Fine. When Milton meets Lex, he injects the virus in Lex and destroys the laboratory. 
Lionel convinces Clark that he is an oracle to the spirit of Jor-El and shows the messages he has been written in Kryptonian. 
Chloe studies the pattern of the writing and Clark translates: "Zod is coming".


Episode 22 Vessel, Aired 11. may 2006 41 min

After "being prepared" by Fine, Lex is abducted in a field by a strange light. Meanwhile, Clark goes to the Fortress of 
Solidude where the spirit of Jor-el gives a dagger to Clark and advises him to destroy Lex, who would be the vessel of the 
spirit of Zod outside the Phantom Zone in which Fine, the Brain-Interactive-Construct, is trying to release. Martha travels 
with Lois to Washington in an airplane of the Luthorcorp. When Zod is released, he possesses Lex, and traps Clark in the 
Phantom Zone. Fine unleashes a powerful computer virus, creating chaos on Earth. Lois and Martha faint in the airplane 
without oxygen as another copy of Fine/Brainiac hijacks the plane. Chloe and Lionel are attacked by a raged crowd, while 
Lex/Zod and Lana declare their love for one another as both plan to travel their path together on the dark side...