Artist: Lettuce
Title: Live In Tokyo
Format: Audio CD
Label: Kufala
Release Date: 01/04/2005

Track Listing:

1. Intro   1:25  
2. Nyack   10:59  
3. Break Out   10:07  
4. The Dump   7:54
5. Kron Dutch   8:23
6. Reunion   9:49
7. Flu The Coop   11:57
8. 4 On 6   6:01
9. Squadlive   7:06
10. Breakout Reprise   2:21 

About the Artist
Lettuce is the group that began the careers of several noted "jam band" musicians: Eric Krasno of Soulive, Adam Deitch of the John Scofield Band, Adam Smirnoff of the Squad, Jeff Bhayshk of Kudu, Ryan Zoidis of Rustic Overtones, and Eric Coomes, now a Los Angeles-based producer. Lettuce comes raw: no fluff, nothing smooth, just hard funkiness. It combines the grittiness of the Meters with the harmonic textures of Herbie Hancock. There is finally some funk that sounds like it was produced in the 70Æs vs modern day computer software,which most recent funk releases are infested by. These guys are the real deal. 

Album Description
Live in Tokyo captures Lettuce on their November 2003 tour of Japan. After a week of shows the tour climaxed at their Blue Note performance in Tokyo. Taking the greatest moments of that night and condensing it down to one disc was a five month process.

Karl W. Berner "Funkmeister",
If you're a lover of funk, and love to hear how funk can evolve, this album is defnintely for you. Eric Krasno (Soulive)and Adam Deitch (John Scofield Band) have furthered the sound of funk, and this ensemble is right on their wavelength. With the addition of Neal Evans (Soulive) on keys, Lettuce found the missing ingredient from their studio release, "Outta Here", which was a brilliant piece of work in its own right. But in this release, "Kron Dutch" explodes with the most modernized funk sound to date. 

If Parliament's P-Funk were the rulemakers for an oppressed society, Lettuce's L-Funk may very well be today's lovers of the oppressed Mother Earth. 

Funk on.

K. Beers "Question Everything",
The energy of this live album is off the charts, just some funky cats throwing down some nasty grooves. It comes highly recommended by someone who knows the scene. Pick this one're gonna love it!