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1. REQUEST: The Valley (2 book series) - The Valley: Book 1 & The Valley: Book 2: Beyond the Valley author TJ Reeder - Thanks for any postsDon O a.b.e-book.flood51d
2. REQUEST: Teleport (3 book series) Teleport, Teleport 2: Into the Darkness, Teleport 3: Into the Light Author Joshua T. Calvert - Thanks in AdvanceDon O a.b.e-book.flood60d
3. REQUEST: Colossus Trilogy (3 book series) by D.F. Jones - Thanks for any postsDon O a.b.e-book.flood83d
4. REQUEST: In Times of Trouble and In Times of Trouble:Aftermath (2 book series) by Chris Sherwood (Author) - Thank you for any postsDon O a.b.e-book.flood89d
5. REQUEST: The Historian (2 book series) 1-The Historian: Life Before and After 2-The Historian: The Wilds by Ray Wenck (Author) -TIADon O a.b.e-book.flood95d
6. REQUEST: Galaxy Run (9 book series) books 6 thru 9 please the author is Sam Renner - thanks for any postsDon O a.b.e-book.flood119d
7. REQUEST: Infinity's End (9 book series) by Eric Warren - Thanks for any postsDon O a.b.e-book.flood120d
8. REQUEST: The Brink of Human Extinction (5 book series) by Scott W Kimak - Thank YouDon O a.b.e-book.flood129d
9. REQUEST: The Kwan Thrillers (10 book series) by Ken Warner - Thanks for any postDon O a.b.e-book.flood131d
10. REQUEST: Caribbean Adventure Series (25 book series) BOOKS 16,17,18,24,25. by Wayne Stinnett - thanks!!!Don O a.b.e-book.flood141d
11. REQUEST: Johnny Apocalypse (4 book series) by Mark Robijn - Thank you for any postsDon O a.b.e-book.flood141d
12. REQUEST: Neighborhood Watch (7 book series) By EE Isherwood - Thanks for Any PostsDon O a.b.e-book.flood141d
13. REQUEST -The Alien Skill Series (6 book series) - Books 5 and 6 Author Rae Knightly - Thanks for any postDon O a.b.e-book.flood148d
14. REQUEST: Horizon Arc (5 book series) by D.W. Vogel - TIADon O a.b.e-book.flood193d
15. REQUEST: The Doomsday Drifter, Wrecking Man and Sekret Agent (3 Book series) by Mark DaSilva - thank youDon O a.b.e-book.flood210d
16. REQUEST: The Odemark Series (3 book series) by E T Gunnarsson - Thanks for future and past postsDon O a.b.e-book.flood213d
17. REQUEST: Vessel (2 book series) by John Bowen - Thanks for your helpDon O a.b.e-book.flood217d
18. REQUEST The Time Writer (4 book series) by Alex R Crawford - Thank you for any postDon O a.b.e-book.flood226d
19. REQUEST - Middle Falls Time Travel (17 book series) complete series - by Shawn Inmon (Author) - Thank YouDon O a.b.e-book.flood363d
20. REQUEST: The Survivor Chronicles (4 book series) by Erica Stevens (Author) - Thanks for any postsDon O a.b.e-book.flood375d
21. REQUEST: Grant Us Mercy (9 book series) by DC Little (Author) - please post books 6 and 8 and 9 - Thank You for any helpDon O a.b.e-book.flood375d
22. REQUEST: The System Apocalypse (12 book series) by Tao Wong (Author) books 1 and 2 and 8 please - ThanksDon O a.b.e-book.flood376d
23. REQUEST: The System Apocalypse (12 book series) by Tao Wong (Author) books 3 through 10 please - ThanksDon O a.b.e-book.flood376d
24. REQ: The Last Dawn Series - all three books (3 book series) by Richard C Hale (Author)- Thank youDon O a.b.e-book.flood384d
25. REQ: Random Survival (7 book series) by Ray Wenck (Author) - Thanks for book 7 - can you post 1 thru 6?Don O a.b.e-book.flood384d
26. REQ: Random Survival (7 book series) by Ray Wenck (Author) - Thanks for any postsDon O a.b.e-book.flood385d
27. REQ: Falling Skies (5 book series) by Harley Tate (Author) - Thank you again for any postsDon O a.b.e-book.flood393d
28. Request: After it Turns Dark (5 book series) by Jack Hunt (Author) - Thank you a thousand timesDon O a.b.e-book.flood393d
29. Request: Survive the Darkness (12 book series) by Ryan Casey (Author) - Thanks for any helpDon O a.b.e-book.flood394d
30. Request: The Black Autumn Series (9 book series) books 6 thru 9 please - by Jeff Kirkham - Thank YouDon O a.b.e-book.flood396d
31. REQ: Troop of Shadows (5 book series) by Nicki Huntsman SmithDon O a.b.e-book.flood396d

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