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Posts by [email protected] (Sunshine) in alt.binaries.sounds.karaoke



The posts below were posted a long time ago.
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1. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-16 - Sweet Home Chicago - Johnson," yEnc (1/9)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
2. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-15 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Morrison," yEnc (1/11)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
3. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-14 - On The Road Again - Canned" yEnc (1/10)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
4. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-13 - Call Me The Breeze - Lynyrd" yEnc (1/14)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
5. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-12 - True Love - Benatar," yEnc (1/14)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
6. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-11 - Dust My Broom - James," yEnc (1/8)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
7. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-10 - I'd Rather Go Blind - James," yEnc (1/8)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
8. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-09 - Baby, Please Don't Go - Muddy" yEnc (1/14)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
9. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-08 - Sweet Home Chicago (Radio Version) - Blues Brothers," yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
10. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-07 - Riding With The King - King, B.B. & Eric" yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
11. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-06 - Midnight Special, The - Creedence Clearwater" yEnc (1/12)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
12. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-05 - Back Door Man - Doors," yEnc (1/10)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
13. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-01 - Give It Up Or Let Me Go - Raitt," yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
14. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-03 - Jim Dandy - Baker," yEnc (1/7)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
15. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-04 - Guilty - Raitt," yEnc (1/9)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
16. ATT Skunkie"SC8814-02 - Let's Work Together - Canned" yEnc (1/8)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke260d
17. New song for the group Rita Ora - Your Song - KV yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke401d
18. ATT BJ hope this helps DFK125-06 - Tom T Hall - Pamela yEnc (1/5)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke467d
19. New Disc for the group Capital CK 207 Slim Dusty.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
20. New Disc for the group CKA207-15- Where Country Is - Slim yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
21. New Disc for the group CKA207-14- When The Rain Tumbles Down In July - Slim yEnc (1/11)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
22. New Disc for the group CKA207-13- Waltzing Matilda - Slim yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
23. New Disc for the group CKA207-12- Trumby - Slim yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
24. New Disc for the group CKA207-11- Three Rivers Hotel - Slim yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
25. New Disc for the group CKA207-10- The Man From Snowy River - Slim yEnc (1/30)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
26. New Disc for the group CKA207-09- Sweeny - Slim yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
27. New Disc for the group CKA207-08- Old Time Country Halls - Slim yEnc (1/10)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
28. New Disc for the group CKA207-07- Losin' My Blues Tonight - Slim yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
29. New Disc for the group CKA207-06- I'm Going Back To Yarrawonga - Slim yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
30. New Disc for the group CKA207-05- Gum Trees By The Roadway - Slim yEnc (1/12)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
31. New Disc for the group CKA207-04- Cunnamulla Fella - Slim yEnc (1/9)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
32. New Disc for the group CKA207-03- Country Revival - Slim yEnc (1/9)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
33. New Disc for the group CKA207-02- Camooweal - Slim yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
34. New Disc for the group CKA207-01- By A Fire Of Gidgee Coal - Slim yEnc (1/12)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke574d
35. For the Group KV 33879 Steve Earle - Copperhead yEnc (1/9)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke591d
36. ATT Ickybod ZMP094-15 - Troggs, The - Anyway That You Want yEnc (1/5)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke652d
37. HM PR3001 lable if anyone wants PR3001 lable.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke675d
38. ATT BJ hope this helps MM 6174 cd lable.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke682d
39. ATT Quueenb hope this is okay, no zoom that I could find SC7527-09 - Haley, Bill & The Comets - Shake, Rattle & yEnc (1/4)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke699d
40. ATT Bj SC8576 lable.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke739d
41. ATT DarkBlue SC8961-11 - Who, The - Seeker, yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke759d
42. ATT RollinStone hopefully You can work it out Toolz - yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke782d
43. ATT Wayne hope this helps kjpro v1.5 + yEnc (1/64)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke791d
44. for the group if needed CB 90169 Lionel Ritchie lable.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke794d
45. New for the group SF6B064-07- Susan Boyle - Wild yEnc (1/20)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke840d
46. New for the group SF6B064-06- Susan Boyle - End Of The yEnc (1/14)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke840d
47. New for the group SF6B064-05- Susan boyle - yEnc (1/14)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke840d
48. New for the group SF6B064-04- Susan Boyle - Perfect yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke840d
49. New for the group SF6B064-03- Susan Boyle - I Dreamed A yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke840d
50. New for the group SF6B064-02- Susan Boyle - yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke840d
51. New for the group SF6B064-01- Susan Boyle - Don't Dream It's yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke840d
52. New for the group SF6B064 lable.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke840d
53. ATT kkjim SC8179-15 - Diffie, Joe - I'm In Love With A Capital yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
54. ATT kkjim SC8179-14 - Gayle, Crystal & Eddie Rabbitt - I Made A yEnc (1/8)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
55. ATT kkjim SC8179-13 - Shaw, Victoria - yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
56. ATT kkjim SC8179-12 - McEntire, Reba - And yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
57. ATT kkjim SC8179-11 - Norwood, Daron - My Girl yEnc (1/7)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
58. ATT kkjim SC8179-10 - Tillis, Pam - In Between yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
59. ATT kkjim SC8179-09 - Gill, Vince - You Better Think yEnc (1/7)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
60. ATT kkjim SC8179-08 - Jackson, Alan - I Don't Even Know Your yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
61. ATT kkjim SC8179-07 - Tucker, Tanya - Find Out What's Happenin'.zip yEnc (1/7)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
62. ATT kkjim SC8179-06 - Randall, Jon - I Came Straight For yEnc (1/5)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
63. ATT kkjim SC8179-05 - 4 Runner - Cain's yEnc (1/7)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
64. ATT kkjim SC8179-04 - Ronstadt, Linda - Walk yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
65. ATT kkjim SC8179-03 - Black, Clint - Summer's Comin'.zip yEnc (1/5)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
66. ATT kkjim SC8179-02 - McCoy, Neal - They're Playing Our yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
67. ATT kkjim SC8179-01 - Shenandoah & Alison Krauss - Somewhere In The Vicinity Of The yEnc (1/7)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke862d
68. ATT DarkBlue SF078-09 - Someone Someone - Poole, yEnc (1/12)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke931d
69. for the group SFWS064 custom lable.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1115d
70. SF173-16-Please Stay - Kylie Minogue .zip yEnc Att DarkBlue hope this one helps (1/16)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1128d
71. CB60394-02 - Cheater, Cheater - Joey & yEnc Att finestsounds (1/12)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1128d
72. SFWS001-14 - Eagles, The - Witchy yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
73. SFWS001-13 - Eagles, The - I Can't Tell You yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
74. SFWS001-12 - Eagles, The - Peaceful Easy yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
75. SFWS001-11 - Eagles, The - Heartache yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
76. SFWS001-10 - Eagles, The - Life In The Fast yEnc (1/18)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
77. SFWS001-09 - Eagles, The - Best Of My yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
78. SFWS001-08 - Eagles, The - New Kid In yEnc (1/20)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
79. SFWS001-07 - Eagles, The - Take It To The yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
80. SFWS001-06 - Eagles, The - yEnc (1/14)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
81. SFWS001-05 - Eagles, The - Tequila yEnc (1/12)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
82. SFWS001-04 - Eagles, The - One Of These yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
83. SFWS001-03 - Eagles, The - Lyin' yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
84. SFWS001-02 - Eagles, The - Take It yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
85. SFWS001-01 - Eagles, The - Hotel yEnc (1/18)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
86. SFWS 001 Eagles cd lable.jpg yEnc (1/2)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1154d
87. New for group G09850 - Abraham, Martin And John - yEnc (1/12)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1229d
88. New for group Frank_Sinatra_-_Fly_Me_To_The_Moon_-_ZKG2926.ZIP yEnc (1/8)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1229d
89. New for group SFWS188 Adele 21.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
90. New for group SFWS188 - 12 - Adele - Promise This .zip yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
91. New for group SFWS188 - 11 - Adele - Someone Like yEnc (1/19)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
92. New for group SFWS188 - 10 - Adele - yEnc (1/21)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
93. New for group SFWS188 - 09 - Adele - One And Only .zip yEnc (1/22)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
94. New for group SFWS188 - 08 - Adele - I'll Be yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
95. New for group SFWS188 - 07 - Adele - Take It yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
96. New for group SFWS188 - 06 - Adele - He Won't yEnc (1/19)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
97. New for group SFWS188 - 05 - Adele - Set Fire To The yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
98. New for group SFWS188 - 04 - Don't You yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
99. New for group SFWS188 - 03 - Adele - Turning yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
100. New for group SFWS188 - 02 - Adele - Rumour Has yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
101. New for group SFWS188 - 01- Adele - Rolling In The yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1300d
102. New for group Aussie SFDU7-12 - The Easybeats - She's So Fine.bin yEnc (1/41)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
103. New for group Aussie SFDU7-11 - Ray Brown & The Whispers - 20 Miles.bin yEnc (1/44)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
104. New for group Aussie SFDU7-10 - Normie Rowe & The Playboys - Que Sera Sera.bin yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
105. New for group Aussie SFDU7-09 - Ray Columbus & The Invaders - She's A Mod.bin yEnc (1/43)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
106. New for group Aussie SFDU7-08 - Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Poison Ivy.bin yEnc (1/60)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
107. New for group Aussie SFDU7-07 - Justin, Jay - Proud Of You.bin yEnc (1/40)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
108. New for group Aussie SFDU7-06 - McQuade, Betty - Midnight Bus.bin yEnc (1/48)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
109. New for group Aussie SFDU7-05 - Shegog, Kevin - Wolverton Mountain.bin yEnc (1/54)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
110. New for group Aussie SFDU7-04 - Davies, Brian - Dream Girl.bin yEnc (1/42)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
111. New for group Aussie SFDU7-03 - Lee, Lonie - I found A New Love.bin yEnc (1/44)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
112. New for group Aussie SFDU7-02 - Ashcroft, Johnny - Little Boy Lost .bin yEnc (1/66)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
113. New for group Aussie SFDU7-01 - The Loved Ones - The Loved One.bin yEnc (1/55)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
114. New for group Aussie SDU7.jpg yEnc (1/2)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1374d
115. ATT For The Group KV296871 - Janis Ian - At yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1412d
116. ATT For The Group Cheap_Trick_-_The_Flame_-_A20602.ZIP yEnc (1/14)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1412d
117. ATT For The Group Alanis Morissette - Let s Do It (Let s Fall In Love) - yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1412d
118. ATT For The Group A03782 - The Millenium Prayer - Cliff yEnc (1/12)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1412d
119. ATT For The Group 1950s_Standards_An_Affair_To_Remember(MP3+CDG_Karaoke) yEnc (1/8)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1412d
120. ATT For The Group De Danann With Mary Black - Song For Ireland - ZKH11-11.ZIP yEnc (1/15)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1463d
121. ATT For The Group The Sound Of Music - Something Good - yEnc (1/7)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1477d
122. ATT Wayne For The Group Alanis Morissette - Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) (MP3+CDG Karaoke) yEnc (1/7)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1497d
123. For The Group if needed BHK Template.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1560d
124. For The Group if needed BHK 057 Custom Lable.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1560d
125. For The Group if needed BHK 056 Custom Lable.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1560d
126. For The Group if needed BHK 048 Custom Lable.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1560d
127. For The Group if needed BHK 028 Custom Lable.jpg yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1560d
128. ATT dakota CB90318-14 - Wynette, Tammy & George Jones - Southern yEnc (1/11)[email protected] (Sunshine)a.b.sounds.karaoke1588d

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