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Posts by [email protected] (DarkBlue) in alt.binaries.sounds.karaoke


1. Re. Req::"DFK099-04 - Elvis Presley Wbgv - Baby What You Want Me To Do ( E ).zip" yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke331d
2. Re. Req::"KV-095136 - Presley, Elvis - Baby, What You Want Me To Do (E).zip" yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke331d
3. attn tommytunes/RollinStone - Karaoke of this version Ghosts of Culloden. Please:"The Ghosts Of Culloden [ by Isla Grant ].mp3" yEnc (1/23)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke429d
4. attn tommytunes/RollinStone - vocal removal. Please:"Isla Grant - Its A Dream Come True.mp3" yEnc (1/20)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke480d
5. attn tommytunes/RollinStone - vocal removal. Please:"Aon Focal Eile (New Version).mp3" yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke538d
6. :"SF187-07 - Richard, Cliff - What A Wonderful World Somewhere Over The" yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke587d
7. the Dualers:"the one that ive been looking for. By The Dualers.mp3" yEnc (1/19)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke608d
8. another Irish:"HMDB-28 - Richard Kavanagh - Aon Focal" yEnc (1/8)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke706d
9. another Irish:"STTW3116-09 - Sawdoctors - I Used To Love" yEnc (1/13)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke706d
10. attn : TommyTunes - just need vocal removed only:"Down at the Bluebird.mp3" yEnc (1/16)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke720d
11. attn : Rollinstone/TommyTunes - as Req Lyrics Radio audit:"Truly Mady Deeply (1).txt" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke721d
12. attn : Rollinstone/TommyTunes - as Req Lyrics:"Truly Mady Deeply.txt" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke721d
13. attn : Rollinstone - Req Karaoke track please:"Hi Hi Hazel.mp3" yEnc (1/19)
collection size: 6.92 MB, parts available: 20 / 20
- 1 mp3 file
- 1 txt file
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[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke726d
14. new:"HMDB-217 -Cannon, Freddy - Way Down Yonder in New" yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke727d
15. Attn: TommyTunes Req. Vocal removal only for this one please"Scotlands For Me - Janey Kirk and Ray Carse.mp3" yEnc (1/17)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke729d
16. Attn: RollinStone/TommyTunes Req. Karaoke file please"Scotland's for me.txt" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke731d
17. Attn: RollinStone/TommyTunes Req. Karaoke file please"Scotlands For Me Kirk James.mp3" yEnc (1/18)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke731d
18. Attn: RollinStone/TommyTunes Req. Karaoke file please"Reelin' and Rocking - Dave Clark Five.txt" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke746d
19. Attn: RollinStone/TommyTunes Req. Karaoke file please"The Dave Clark Five - 11 Reelin And Rockin.mp3" yEnc (1/14)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke746d
20. Attn: RollinStone/TommyTunes Lyrics inside "Painter Man.txt" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke748d
21. Attn: RollinStone/TommyTunes Could you please remove vocals from enclosed MP3"(10) - Boney M. - Painter Man[1].mp3" yEnc (1/14)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke748d
22. Attn: RollinStone your req. lyrics"Que Sera Sera.txt" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke757d
23. Attn Tommytunes your req. lyrics"Mr. Disappointed.txt" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke760d
24. Can anyone remove lead vocal from this track, Please "Enjoy Yourself - The Dualers - Karaoke.mp3" yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (DarkBlue)a.b.sounds.karaoke776d

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