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1. [16992/16992] ""I knew he was ready to risk his life." Glenn Greenwald on Edward Snowden - BBC News [x4ABImxEsoU].mkv" (1/21)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
2. [16991/16992] ""I could see bodies laying on the street" - BBC News [uOi-65remrg].mkv" (1/27)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
3. [16990/16992] ""He was holding soldier by neck" - eyewitnesses to Paris-Orly attack - BBC News [-OatZleI1DE].mkv" (1/28)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
4. [16989/16992] ""Good, constructive, workman like meeting" between DUP & Tories - BBC News [9HDqn6SQ4qI].mkv" (1/24)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
5. [16988/16992] "'We are on the offence against Islamic State' Admiral John Kirby tells BBC News [D0tkDnjrfxA].f248.webm.ytdl" (1/1)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
6. [16987/16992] "东莞真的是所谓的"中国性都"吗?- BBC News [r5dCowsiVjU].webm" (1/31)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
7. [16986/16992] "Zuma's ANC - a turbulent timeline - BBC News [grp0mzYGFUw].webm" (1/46)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
8. [16985/16992] "Zuma protest prompts South Africa parliament clash [e04ICJ-mjWw].webm" (1/41)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
9. [16984/16992] "ZUMA ANNOUNCES THE DEATH OF NELSON MANDELA - BBC NEWS [EEpym2sfUVY].webm" (1/1)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
10. [16983/16992] "ZSL London Zoo annual Animals weigh-in - BBC News [dQXYjqYG_Sk].webm" (1/47)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
11. [16982/16992] "Zoroastrians in India: 'Dating my way out of extinction' - BBC News [tCMBCroA-zU].webm" (1/279)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
12. [16981/16992] "'Zombie' forecasts warmest Halloween on record... for the (UK) [BLWiPAfMLCw].webm" (1/18)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
13. [16980/16992] "Zimbabwe's women's anti-poaching group protecting elephants - BBC News [HAmQLQwF_BE].webm" (1/93)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
14. [16979/16992] "Zimbabwe's ruling party sacks Robert Mugabe as leader - BBC News [Q11GPMvTxQE].webm" (1/149)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
15. [16978/16992] "Zimbabwe's Mugabe to make announcement - BBC News [YGYNrbpzel4].webm" (1/21)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
16. [16977/16992] "Zimbabwe's Mugabe Full Speech: Mugabe vows to stay on - BBC News [0jZMNH_C0GE].webm" (1/177)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
17. [16976/16992] "Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa: I was going to be eliminated - BBC News [20N4OjYyx5s].webm" (1/237)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
18. [16975/16992] "Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa returns as Mugabe's likely successor - BBC News [q0K9lGMme2M].webm" (1/50)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
19. [16974/16992] "Zimbabwe's military seizes state TV - BBC News [PD1kDYq5l64].webm" (1/20)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
20. [16973/16992] "ZIMBABWE'S DOLLARS AS FASHION ITEMS - BBC NEWS [RmE-H_ZpedE].webm" (1/69)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
21. [16972/16992] "Zimbabwe's day of celebration - BBC News [EJNmIz4zQgM].webm" (1/34)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
22. [16971/16992] "Zimbabwe's breakdance king who uses a wheelchair - BBC News [SwdfJdWukLQ].webm" (1/65)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
23. [16970/16992] "Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe warns of economic struggle - BBC News [vkKnsVb3jro].webm" (1/78)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
24. [16969/16992] "Zimbabweans forced to choose between medicine and food - BBC News [14VWAyjRiCo].webm" (1/54)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
25. [16968/16992] "Zimbabwe: Opposition leader Chamisa calls Zimbabwe election 'fraudulent' - BBC News [bBZoXdN_qw8].webm" (1/149)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
26. [16967/16992] "Zimbabwe: Mugabe fall caught on camera [e31U69d1rbk].webm" (1/10)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
27. [16966/16992] "Zimbabwe: 'I lost my land to Grace Mugabe'- BBC News [badVRMDTPmw].webm" (1/100)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
28. [16965/16992] "Zimbabwe to return land seized from foreign farmers - BBC News [P0ifNIN7L4k].webm" (1/63)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
29. [16964/16992] "Zimbabwe seeks EU support in sale of ivory stockpile - BBC News [xg7y-DVXfhA].webm" (1/19)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
30. [16963/16992] "Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa says country is 'safe' - BBC News [ySVWMImarmA].webm" (1/109)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
31. [16962/16992] "Zimbabwe Inauguration: Mnangagwa becomes Zimbabwe's president - BBC News [y0bOIcaYZk8].webm" (1/168)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
32. [16961/16992] "Zimbabwe food crisis fuelled by Ukraine war and climate change – BBC News [QbevAjkxpFc].webm" (1/36)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
33. [16960/16992] "Zimbabwe election: Opposition rejects 'fake' poll results - BBC News [yk84r8uo4K0].webm" (1/94)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
34. [16959/16992] "Zimbabwe crisis: Who's the 'crocodile'? - BBC News [OtVeqIJvVfY].webm" (1/26)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
35. [16958/16992] "Zimbabwe crisis: Who is Grace Mugabe? - BBC News [_s9bjw37R1Y].webm" (1/31)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
36. [16957/16992] "Zimbabwe crisis: Mugabe 'under house arrest' after army takeover - BBC News [Syj4JL6uccU].webm" (1/65)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
37. [16956/16992] "Zimbabwe crisis: Mugabe makes first public appearance - BBC News [vnIqGYzHcV8].webm" (1/105)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
38. [16955/16992] "Zimbabwe crisis: Army seizes broadcaster but denies coup - BBC News [-gGcJShW5Jg].webm" (1/38)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
39. [16954/16992] "Zimbabwe army takeover: Latest Updates - BBC News [-ViyjCYsy1w].webm" (1/386)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
40. [16953/16992] "Zimbabwe : Thousands celebrate end of Mugabe era - BBC News [jOOW-l1BN6E].webm" (1/198)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
41. [16952/16992] "Zimabwe election: Why loyalty endures for Mugabe's Zanu-PF party - BBC News [Z3Bs-rmHud8].webm" (1/40)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
42. [16951/16992] "Zika virus: What you need to know - BBC News [M4tcWVhecXo].webm" (1/13)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
43. [16950/16992] "Zika 'more dangerous than thought' - BBC News [63qSR_AAZCU].webm" (1/57)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
44. [16949/16992] "Zero-tolerance: The US policy dividing families and opinion - BBC News [ygh19mJAXLo].webm" (1/33)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
45. [16948/16992] "Zelensky's defiant response to Russian invasion of Ukraine - BBC News [z3cU9d9ciY4].webm" (1/21)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
46. [16947/16992] "Zelensky vows to win back Luhansk from Russia - BBC News [mJDc35a7P4M].webm" (1/46)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
47. [16946/16992] "Zelensky UN speech: Russian leaders must face war crimes trial - BBC News [rJNkh0AWTd8].webm" (1/30)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
48. [16945/16992] "Zelensky says 'fate of the Donbas' being decided in Severodonetsk - BBC News [LtuC0D2RUGw].webm" (1/42)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
49. [16944/16992] "Zelensky 'ready to discuss neutral status' in Ukraine-Russia peace deal - BBC News [QmfI2KNjYjo].webm" (1/45)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
50. [16943/16992] "Zelensky ally calls West cowards over Russian invasion - BBC News [VxEJ6wm6HfM].webm" (1/59)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
51. [16942/16992] "Zelensky admits Russia are making progress in Ukraine's contested Donbas region - BBC News [iIUKjHt7zGc].webm" (1/44)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
52. [16941/16992] "Zaporizhzhia: Russia occupied nuclear plant briefly disconnected from grid says Ukraine – BBC News [jPf45ncu5nc].webm" (1/70)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
53. [16940/16992] "Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactors shut down due to shelling at Ukrainian plant - BBC News [m4ayOeKrYXM].webm" (1/40)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
54. [16939/16992] "Zak Ebrahim: A terrorist's son - BBC News [FJKCkDxpwoA].webm" (1/76)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
55. [16938/16992] "Zainab's last moments before her rape and murder - BBC News [42sckNaHQA8].webm" (1/25)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
56. [16937/16992] "Zaha Hadid: A look back at her work - BBC News [b3Bhv2T8Naw].webm" (1/45)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
57. [16936/16992] "ZAATARI - WORLD'S 2ND LARGEST REFUGEE CAMP - BBC NEWS [ulQdzvBIeqM].webm" (1/20)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
58. [16935/16992] "Yvette Cooper: 'Working people will be hardest hit by Brexit' BBC News [5mXUTRmMT_w].webm" (1/71)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
59. [16934/16992] "Yvette Cooper rejects claims her campaign is "boring" BBC News [rqdLxT-vwNw].webm" (1/39)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
60. [16933/16992] "Yuri Gagarin: The first man in space - BBC News [KANuFlelQ5k].webm" (1/54)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
61. [16932/16992] "YouTube's ad crackdown frustrates video-makers - BBC News [PIa1_gZIPl0].webm" (1/43)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
62. [16931/16992] "YouTubers warned over fan relationships - BBC News [1h1B1yFZ3Jw].webm" (1/89)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
63. [16930/16992] "YouTuber: My disability is my motivation - BBC News [Ze71dJf2kc0].webm" (1/32)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
64. [16929/16992] "Youtuber puts Putin portrait in a lift as an opinion poll - BBC News [elG7DjbRkqo].webm" (1/31)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
65. [16928/16992] "YouTube stars join ad-free Red service - BBC News [a5XfF-q6pPI].webm" (1/24)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
66. [16927/16992] "YouTube Star Hannah Witton Takes A Smear Test - BBC News [bee91WbPRTI].webm" (1/48)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
67. [16925/16992] "YouTube incident: Armed police were seen entering YouTube headquarters- BBC News [rV132T4Ig_k].webm" (1/7)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
68. [16926/16992] "YouTube shooting: Four shot at California HQ, suspect dead- BBC News [xBuL7yFGG18].webm" (1/7)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
69. [16924/16992] "YouTube incident: 'Active shooter' at HQ in northern California - BBC News [WkVBo98Mp_A].webm" (1/3)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
70. [16923/16992] "YouTube child abuse reporting 'not working properly' - BBC News [-Vx52-BOj5E].webm" (1/36)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
71. [16922/16992] "'YOU'RE NOW FREE' EMOTIONAL TRIBUTE TO MANDELA - BBC NEWS [HZ9IAmMHaIc].webm" (1/35)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
72. [16921/16992] "Your quick guide to the EU referendum - BBC News [aFcSWfcPUPU].webm" (1/112)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
73. [16920/16992] "Youngest Manchester Arena victim Saffie Roussos “could have survived” says family - BBC News [WA-nrXeldCI].webm" (1/23)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
74. [16919/16992] "Young, stylish and black: Meet the dandies - BBC News [tsDmzEwNOqM].webm" (1/35)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
75. [16918/16992] "Young, liberal and not talking Trump - BBC News [fYc3XLS6rYU].webm" (1/23)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
76. [16917/16992] "Young, Clever And Libyan - BBC News [y7diBAg7s1o].webm" (1/82)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
77. [16916/16992] "Young, black and more likely to die in Brazil - BBC News [cwQqnhrsYXc].webm" (1/63)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
78. [16915/16992] "Young voters react to Facebook political ads - BBC News [NMtATiI5kts].webm" (1/22)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
79. [16914/16992] "Young Sudanese rediscovering the country's ancient history - BBC News [AE5HbQQu_g0].webm" (1/55)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
80. [16913/16992] "Young Lives Lost: 'Inadequate' housing for disabled children exposed - BBC Newsnight [jpM1osqEg8M].webm" (1/225)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
81. [16912/16992] "Young Israelis and Emiratis meet online after peace deal - BBC News [0rB1IUxqnyY].webm" (1/19)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
82. [16911/16992] "Young Iraqis trying to rebuild Mosul - BBC News [sCoAIfx1G-k].webm" (1/65)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
83. [16910/16992] "Young family's life on the 'Island of Grief' - BBC News [5wDbTk973xc].webm" (1/41)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
84. [16909/16992] "Young children groomed on live streaming app Periscope - BBC News [8w0rgf9_WI8].webm" (1/16)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
85. [16908/16992] "Young children are being exploited on OnlyFans, says US agent - BBC Newsnight [Xhv0WM-3iVk].webm" (1/72)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
86. [16907/16992] "Young Americans begin vaccination programme as Pfizer-BionTech jab approved - BBC News [IiM_z8W6KPI].webm" (1/40)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
87. [16906/16992] "Young adult offenders: Breaking the cycle - BBC News [O-HZWbQcvCM].webm" (1/255)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
88. [16904/16992] "'You killed a million people in Iraq' George Galloway tells Jacqui Smith - BBC News [ZpIwMt5JAQ8].webm" (1/15)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
89. [16905/16992] "'You killed my sister, you're not a Muslim' - BBC News [9imFfa82qBQ].webm" (1/25)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
90. [16903/16992] "'You can't underestimate wisdom of the masses' says Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim [8uMg3v7S47o].webm" (1/23)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
91. [16902/16992] "'You can't cheat?' asks Queen at check-out - BBC News [7n0nypHBbnE].webm" (1/25)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
92. [16901/16992] "'You can pretend like you haven't noticed' - BBC News [7jHsoauynPM].webm" (1/10)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
93. [16900/16992] "'You can be African and black and play polo' - BBC News [45eQLurMFGg].webm" (1/66)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
94. [16899/16992] "Yorkshire Ripper serial killer Peter Sutcliffe dies of coronavirus in hospital - BBC News [3kMhnKX9xmI].webm" (1/50)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
95. [16898/16992] "Yoon Suk-yeol takes office as South Korea's new president - BBC News [Nsx2kaeuIL4].webm" (1/34)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
96. [16897/16992] "Yogi Berra: The man behind 'It ain't over till it's over' - BBC News [iV0Smtof8zQ].webm" (1/7)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
97. [16896/16992] "Yogi Adityanath: Priest & politician leading India's most populous state - BBC News [lNAMcfCTeN8].webm" (1/75)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
98. [16895/16992] "Yes, this fish can 'drive'! BBC News [1vgNOYfp_sY].webm" (1/25)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
99. [16894/16992] "Yemen's War: Saudi Arabia defends actions - BBC News [kZLRCA4arcI].webm" (1/86)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
100. [16893/16992] "Yemen's war leaves children on the brink of famine - BBC News [QsrBnaMXWPg].webm" (1/85)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
101. [16892/16992] "Yemen's island 'jewel' under threat - BBC News [rrGWT1_mjhY].webm" (1/87)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
102. [16891/16992] "Yemen's 'forgotten conflict' - BBC News [KMhxBPFh-7Q].webm" (1/76)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
103. [16890/16992] "Yemen's cholera epidemic 'largest ever recorded' - BBC News [9KNKnHITCGg].webm" (1/26)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
104. [16889/16992] "Yemen's blind nine-year-old war-zone school teacher - BBC News [vf5WFl19UOc].webm" (1/42)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
105. [16888/16992] "Yemen's bitter conflict explained - BBC News [UqIBvVur5SA].webm" (1/62)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
106. [16887/16992] "Yemen's ancient city where people escape civil war - BBC News [A8ZUXEVozzA].webm" (1/107)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
107. [16886/16992] "Yemenis flee to Korean holiday island - BBC News [0jnBEYE8pMs].webm" (1/55)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
108. [16885/16992] "Yemen’s frontline: Violence closes in on ‘safe-haven' Marib - BBC Newsnight [Dqjr-lmk-RU].webm" (1/98)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
109. [16884/16992] "Yemen: Where children rummage through rubbish for food - BBC News [AChogddqDKU].webm" (1/39)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
110. [16883/16992] "Yemen: The plight of the children - BBC News [a157tmbXYo4].webm" (1/93)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
111. [16882/16992] "Yemen: On the brink of starvation - BBC News [npk7tfKyXok].webm" (1/113)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
112. [16881/16992] "Yemen: More than 140 killed by air strikes at funeral - BBC News [jzBQYSLUSTA].webm" (1/43)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
113. [16880/16992] "Yemen: Human cost of Saudi-led bombing campaign - BBC News [N6V0bNuv1yM].webm" (1/87)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
114. [16879/16992] "Yemen: Emad was 4 years old when a missile landed on his house.- BBC News [ye2J7dxO2Y0].webm" (1/61)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
115. [16878/16992] "Yemen: Dozens die in suicide attacks on Sanaa mosques - BBC News [fQIlJvFiwec].webm" (1/13)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
116. [16877/16992] "Yemen: Aden's "DIY" defence force - BBC News [nz25eRdIJB8].webm" (1/54)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
117. [16876/16992] "Yemen war: Explosions at Aden airport as new government arrives - BBC News [lOaUm8oAYEY].webm" (1/59)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
118. [16875/16992] "Yemen struggles to deal with coronavirus outbreak - BBC News [JnbF6QLWO9I].webm" (1/59)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
119. [16874/16992] "Yemen ravaged by coronavirus — intensifying world’s worst humanitarian crisis - BBC News [fhBz4al0igc].webm" (1/33)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
120. [16873/16992] "Yemen facing world’s “worst famine in decades” - BBC News [-LGLlY2ZjWU].webm" (1/69)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
121. [16871/16992] "Yemen Crisis: Who are the Houthis? BBC News [cJtkyYK8kT8].webm" (1/7)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
122. [16872/16992] "Yemen facing an 'unprecedented' outbreak of cholera - BBC News [MeRizJv5-HE].webm" (1/72)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
123. [16870/16992] "Yemen crisis: Saudi General speaks to BBC News [F3A3knfbxHA].webm" (1/62)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
124. [16869/16992] "Yemen Crisis: Saudi Foreign Affairs minister speaks out - BBC News [eU-tfg4okLw].webm" (1/318)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
125. [16868/16992] "Yemen Crisis: Inside Sanaa as fighting continues - BBC News [Q1UPRnyTZC8].webm" (1/37)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
126. [16867/16992] "Yemen conflict: Six-year-old Yusra’s new eye - BBC News [nMLxKYt1vlA].webm" (1/41)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
127. [16866/16992] "Yemen Conflict: Scars left by civil war - BBC News [SIYkWqtq2V4].webm" (1/58)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
128. [16865/16992] "Yemen conflict: Battle for Sanaa - BBC News [VFwibQcqYPE].webm" (1/83)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
129. [16864/16992] "Yemen bracing for coronavirus outbreak - BBC News [BbJVVpQ-RYM].webm" (1/86)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
130. [16863/16992] "Yemen at 'breaking point' - BBC News [3V9G52I-_fs].webm" (1/76)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
131. [16862/16992] "Yemen air strike: The school that's lost 42 children - BBC News [vziPmz0ZsTk].webm" (1/76)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
132. [16861/16992] "Yemen (360): Inside Sa'dah most bombed city - BBC News [eL4UI_2P9zU].webm" (1/19)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
133. [16860/16992] "'Yellow-vests' pelt police van with stones - BBC News [ZCdarHB-Xyc].webm" (1/37)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
134. [16859/16992] "Yellow Vests: Is the symbol spreading across Europe? - BBC News [oqkbKe02kdc].webm" (1/72)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
135. [16858/16992] "Yellow vest movement: Paris police fire tear gas at protesters - BBC News [CKxkTFOeF78].webm" (1/75)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
136. [16857/16992] "Yellow protest umbrellas return to Hong Kong streets - BBC News [bp7qfrgpgFk].webm" (1/29)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
137. [16856/16992] "Yazidis seek cleansing after IS abuse - BBC News [vb7LMAiOHXM].webm" (1/47)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
138. [16855/16992] "Yazidi women: Slaves of the Caliphate [bO1r0s2mw1k].webm" (1/151)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
139. [16854/16992] "Yazidi women held as sex slaves by IS - BBC News [OOLucKAcHOE].webm" (1/66)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
140. [16853/16992] "Yazidi survivor: 'I was raped every day for six months' - BBC News [XDniN3k5aQ8].webm" (1/192)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
141. [16852/16992] "'Yanukovych controls Ukraine situation' says Mikhail Khodorkovsky - BBC News [ThEIiGyO1SQ].webm" (1/46)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
142. [16851/16992] "Yanis Varoufakis: EU a monster that needs civilising - BBC News [B1W-ksGuCKk].webm" (1/59)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
143. [16850/16992] "Yangon's disappearing heritage homes - BBC News [Dej_M4Sw8JQ].webm" (1/10)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
144. [16849/16992] "Yamaha robot rides high-speed racing motorcycle - BBC News [1gdkL0RnhgA].webm" (1/15)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
145. [16848/16992] "YALDA HAKIM PROMO - BBC WORLD NEWS [dXl3C_F_dQM].webm" (1/18)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
146. [16847/16992] "Yalda Hakim BBC World News Promo [i80ELdNyDW8].webm" (1/8)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
147. [16846/16992] "Xulhaz Mannan: Bangladesh LGBT editor hacked to death - BBC News [oVnavmp9OO0].webm" (1/70)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
148. [16845/16992] "'X-ray vision': Mini launches prototype of glasses - BBC News [8Fzdc-KzeR8].webm" (1/56)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
149. [16844/16992] "Xinjiang: China, where are my children? - BBC News [VRS5cdcsUOc].webm" (1/167)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
150. [16843/16992] "Xiaomi: The biggest smartphone maker you've never heard of - BBC News [x_yJfv6G4PA].webm" (1/11)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
151. [16842/16992] "Xi Jinping: What if Xi is president for life? - BBC News [McP4XEsypSo].webm" (1/12)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
152. [16841/16992] "Xi Jinping 'most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong' - BBC News [E_Y9yQaE89E].webm" (1/145)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
153. [16840/16992] "'Xanax' linked to more than 200 deaths - BBC News [wDGuhq_abv0].webm" (1/194)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
154. [16839/16992] "WWE: The Great Khali's Indian homecoming - BBC News [vhB3rj2XY5Q].webm" (1/71)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
155. [16837/16992] "WW2 bomb explodes during attempt to defuse it - BBC News [ud9tZ3nu3xQ].webm" (1/23)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
156. [16838/16992] "WW2 bomb found near London City Airport blown up- BBC News [JDRyZ6UiSKA].webm" (1/6)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
157. [16836/16992] "WW1: The Zimmermann Telegram [KKhgrCDkm0s].webm" (1/92)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
158. [16835/16992] "WW1: The Siege of Tsingtao [teLj4-NEd74].webm" (1/94)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
159. [16834/16992] "WW1: The crucial battle for Togo - BBC News [UAK8wOHfkJ4].webm" (1/101)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
160. [16833/16992] "WTA announces immediate suspension of tournaments in China over Peng Shuai concern – BBC News [zeHNRUfEqHI].webm" (1/33)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
161. [16832/16992] "Wrongly Convicted: 'Bitterness never leaves you' - BBC News [4cw5O_KPpe0].webm" (1/129)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
162. [16831/16992] "Wrong Russian anthem played for gold medallists - BBC News [dziOcjmwrls].webm" (1/32)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
163. [16830/16992] "Wreck of US warship sunk in WW1 found off English coast - BBC News [gZFlZ1l8YY8].webm" (1/20)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
164. [16829/16992] "Would you take time out to watch someone eat on YouTube? - BBC News [6QWmPo-BJsM].webm" (1/40)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
165. [16828/16992] "Would you pay '6p a minute' to be in a cafe? BBC News [rT-fyB3Ru94].webm" (1/76)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
166. [16827/16992] "Would you pay £26 for bottled water? BBC News [haKmJxh_9hk].webm" (1/61)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
167. [16826/16992] "WOULD YOU LIKE TO REMEMBER YOUR DREAMS? BBC NEWS [p7M3C-H3NlI].webm" (1/38)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
168. [16825/16992] "Would you holiday like Trump or Putin? - BBC News [c3RltM7N1m4].webm" (1/35)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
169. [16824/16992] "Would you give up beef to help the planet? - BBC News [IkLTqqge1Rs].webm" (1/57)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
170. [16823/16992] "Would you give bats a home in your fridge? - BBC News [WQLcVatsNWk].webm" (1/15)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
171. [16822/16992] "Would you eat recycled landfill meat? - BBC News [c7gDBVmgIRA].webm" (1/91)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
172. [16821/16992] "Would using an eye scanner make mobile banking secure? - BBC News [nOAnxVv1ixk].webm" (1/12)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
173. [16820/16992] "Would Tom Hiddleston take on new Night Manager and Bond roles? BBC News [i4kozo-HnCA].webm" (1/93)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
174. [16819/16992] "Would Jeremy Corbyn ever back military action against ISIS ? BBC News [YiI0OzSozTM].webm" (1/138)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
175. [16818/16992] "Would a four-day week boost productivity? - BBC News [ucK6T7xQyJg].webm" (1/225)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
176. [16817/16992] "Worst violence in Belfast for years as British and Irish leaders call for calm - BBC News [d8tPk78EjU8].webm" (1/39)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
177. [16816/16992] "'Worst floods' since records began in Serbia & Bosnia - BBC News [6wUy1zEUbgs].webm" (1/47)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
178. [16815/16992] "Worst drought in 30 years hits Sout Africa - BBC News [-GbQWmFzVdY].webm" (1/67)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
179. [16814/16992] "Worshipping nature with the Altai - BBC News [lovLaNRW6WM].webm" (1/87)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
180. [16813/16992] "Worldwide protests against Russian invasion - BBC News [JYH9x6LE9Vk].webm" (1/45)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
181. [16812/16992] "World's toughest female soldiers? BBC News [180AE22Ae1c].webm" (1/39)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
182. [16810/16992] "World's strongest man v BBC presenter - BBC News [pfbBMSdPGzM].webm" (1/26)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
183. [16811/16992] "WORLD'S TALLEST MAN FINDS A BRIDE - BBC NEWS [hNdT8EXPzf0].webm" (1/26)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
184. [16809/16992] "World's 'poorest president' Uruguay's Jose Mujica & his $1m VW [JqhCAORmsaE].webm" (1/44)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
185. [16808/16992] "World's oldest giant panda dies aged 37- BBC News [yiOw_gWdmeg].webm" (1/17)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
186. [16807/16992] "World's oldest animal cave painting in Indonesia - BBC News [gtD9oyGK5MA].webm" (1/57)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
187. [16806/16992] "'World's oldest' alligator celebrates 85th birthday - BBC News [TeWCRE9bh6g].webm" (1/40)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
188. [16805/16992] "World's 'most wanted' drug lord - Joaquín Guzmán - arrested in Mexico - BBC News [ESxDEH9t7g8].webm" (1/54)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
189. [16804/16992] "World's most expensive SUV - BBC News [Dlp4WD1prFM].webm" (1/88)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
190. [16803/16992] "World's most expensive medicine treats infants with genetic disorder - BBC News [2vuLz1NUfQU].webm" (1/74)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
191. [16802/16992] "World's 'most accurate' sniper: 'I see those I killed in flashbacks' BBC News [NlkoDAEcp6o].webm" (1/36)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
192. [16801/16992] "World's longest sea bridge - BBC News [NMt_dYTVopM].webm" (1/16)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
193. [16800/16992] "World's loneliest frog finds a possible mate - BBC News [wOoDc9fwPfs].webm" (1/17)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
194. [16798/16992] "'World's largest plane' takes to the air - BBC News [2J7K2Umbh38].webm" (1/12)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
195. [16799/16992] "World's largest underground trampoline - BBC News [Z6xTxbQeSsI].webm" (1/42)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
196. [16797/16992] "World's largest firework set off - BBC News [t_5tyuSR7_o].webm" (1/9)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
197. [16796/16992] "World's largest election explained in 60 seconds - BBC News [7QTRqOoDzt4].webm" (1/27)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
198. [16795/16992] "World's largest cruise ship: On board the Harmony Of The Seas - BBC News [2F8Lse5n88I].webm" (1/50)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
199. [16794/16992] "World's highest bridge opens in China - BBC News [8qeiFK5G54c].webm" (1/13)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
200. [16792/16992] "World's first platypus refuge - BBC News [ZJAbp1Dqu3A].webm" (1/19)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
201. [16793/16992] "World's first text message sells as NFT - BBC News [Gutza5sAFME].webm" (1/12)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
202. [16791/16992] "World's first IVF puppies: Meet 5 beagles & 2 beagle-cocker spaniel mixes - BBC News [6gIZJkgdHuU].webm" (1/31)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
203. [16790/16992] "World's first 'floating' pool suspended between London tower blocks - BBC News [FKogKWTUW5I].webm" (1/28)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
204. [16789/16992] "World's first floating offshore wind farm in Scotland.- BBC News [1vy1ajBe8mY].webm" (1/22)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
205. [16788/16992] "World's first doses of Covax vaccines delivered - BBC News [K8Qo4ZRf2CE].webm" (1/151)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
206. [16787/16992] "World's first artificial surfing lake - BBC News [qZk7okgCU2M].webm" (1/62)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
207. [16785/16992] "World's biggest space telescope leaves Earth - BBC News [IVvX-P6O5WU].webm" (1/23)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
208. [16786/16992] "World's fastest passenger trains - BBC News [4LTfBMCmYlw].webm" (1/20)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
209. [16784/16992] "World's biggest pilot of four-day week begins - BBC News [bNc4nzhb22M].webm" (1/34)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
210. [16783/16992] "World’s true Covid pandemic death toll nearly 15 million, says WHO – BBC News [neK_fBVSudU].webm" (1/92)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
211. [16782/16992] "World’s largest vaccine producer will not resume export of jabs – BBC Newsnight [HXF43k5Y8Ns].webm" (1/57)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
212. [16781/16992] "World’s largest carbon dioxide sucking factory opens in Iceland - BBC News [7nDZg5MzHAY].webm" (1/36)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
213. [16780/16992] "World youngest PM is sworn in - BBC News [HQGOYrNb_xA].webm" (1/16)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
214. [16779/16992] "WORLD THROUGH THE EYES OF WOMEN - DATA VISUALISATION - BBC NEWS [lM3bLfbeqB4].webm" (1/10)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
215. [16778/16992] "World responds to new Omicron Covid variant - BBC News [9T-muMWuSZI].webm" (1/59)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
216. [16777/16992] "World record-holding skydiver jumps into a Jet Stream - BBC News [Ai2elwHOgyc].webm" (1/80)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
217. [16776/16992] "World record set in Japan for largest group of people with same name - BBC News [aD-sXsXVUmc].webm" (1/26)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
218. [16775/16992] "World record set for largest skinny dip - BBC News [pDgwj2MWCb0].webm" (1/42)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
219. [16774/16992] "World population day in numbers - BBC News [H6opj6bRt4U].webm" (1/23)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
220. [16773/16992] "World now sees twice as many days over 50C - BBC News [vyiRXBBdB4Y].webm" (1/139)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
221. [16772/16992] "World marks 50 years of Pride - despite Covid-19 - BBC News [1bz68UaVPfA].webm" (1/31)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
222. [16771/16992] "World leaders react as Rishi Sunak becomes UK PM - BBC News [QH_1_ARGXYs].webm" (1/31)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
223. [16770/16992] "World leaders promise to end deforestation by 2030 – BBC News [VEC8znRmBDc].webm" (1/51)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
224. [16769/16992] "World leaders pay tribute to Prince Philip - BBC News [RVpQXXrrq0E].webm" (1/19)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
225. [16768/16992] "World leaders gather for G20 summit - BBC News [Uqj1-m9ER14].webm" (1/48)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
226. [16767/16992] "World first for dog's broken leg - BBC News [luUSM0JMieg].webm" (1/32)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
227. [16766/16992] "World faces decisive decade says President Biden at UN - BBC News [-d5L-2uk1Vo].webm" (1/24)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
228. [16765/16992] "World Emoji Day - BBC News [DfO2zdaAfdo].webm" (1/76)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
229. [16764/16992] "World Cup: Weddings and an England win - BBC News [odPu_pAtqwM].webm" (1/17)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
230. [16763/16992] "World Cup: Kids react to USA football team exit - BBC News [lGYSo3ocvoM].webm" (1/30)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
231. [16762/16992] "World Cup hosts Qatar accused of under-reporting deaths in Gulf's killer heat – BBC News [UoHEGPcuhHk].webm" (1/157)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
232. [16761/16992] "World Cup 2018: What's wrong with Neymar? - BBC News [7YLpMQWtAMc].webm" (1/38)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
233. [16760/16992] "World Cup 2018: The volunteer who wants his city cleaner for the championship - BBC News [WEnazI8aguo].webm" (1/69)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
234. [16759/16992] "World Cup 2018: Paris celebrations turn violent on the Champs Elysees - BBC News [11iyFBC_K5k].webm" (1/26)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
235. [16758/16992] "World Cup 2018: 'Let's give them a heroes' welcome' - BBC News [PnoXmLk18qQ].webm" (1/22)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
236. [16757/16992] "World Cup 2018: Is Kylian Mbappe the new Pele? - BBC News [fp4w8tkMyac].webm" (1/30)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
237. [16756/16992] "World Cup 2018: How the Mexicans reacted to shock win - BBC News [8zY_r2raPoM].webm" (1/33)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
238. [16754/16992] "World Cup 2018: France football victory ends in tear gas - BBC News [gdjEM3IEx9Y].webm" (1/18)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
239. [16755/16992] "World Cup 2018: How England fans celebrated - BBC News [DLBB6d7TTSQ].webm" (1/28)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
240. [16753/16992] "World Cup 2018: Flying the flag for both teams - BBC News [H3s5yIAiMDA].webm" (1/50)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
241. [16752/16992] "World Cup 2018: Croatia fans celebrate World Cup semi-final win - BBC News [OlHoGvUFjAs].webm" (1/27)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
242. [16751/16992] "World Cup 2018: Being black in Russia - BBC News [3lUqUXGVlnQ].webm" (1/88)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
243. [16750/16992] "World Cup 2018: A tour of Cities and Venues- BBC News [ADl03GO5B8w].webm" (1/251)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
244. [16749/16992] "World battles coronavirus outbreak - BBC News [6w-prtDjm8s].webm" (1/156)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
245. [16748/16992] "WORKING IN AN ACTIVE WAR ZONE - BBC NEWS [onZ7KRbTm9g].webm" (1/74)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
246. [16747/16992] "Working from home should continue says UK’s chief scientist, contradicting Boris Johnson - BBC News [_Co6QxrhAks].webm" (1/30)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
247. [16746/16992] "Work permits for EU citizens 'certainly has value' Amber Rudd - BBC News [vnr9w2-GvHs].webm" (1/266)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
248. [16745/16992] "Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey resigns - BBC News [MFsZoUkHAYE].webm" (1/33)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
249. [16744/16992] "Women's World Cup: Montreal fans stay at home - BBC Sport [9GstxWL-mvs].webm" (1/18)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d
250. [16743/16992] "Women's only sacred forest under threat - BBC News [C7lP0Fds11Y].webm" (1/89)[email protected]a.b.boneless382d

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