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The posts below were posted a long time ago.
Use a premium usenet provider to download them.

1. The Explosion Rockets-Complete "Front.jpg" yEnc (1/4)powerpost2000AA.locala.b.sounds.mp3.holland522d
2. The Arrows - Here we Are "Front.jpg" yEnc (1/8)powerpost2000AA.locala.b.sounds.mp3.holland553d
3. The Explosion Rockets in the mood "Front.JPG" yEnc (1/1)powerpost2000AA.locala.b.sounds.mp3.holland554d
4. The Shakin Arrows - Guitars In Action "Front.jpg" yEnc (1/3)powerpost2000AA.locala.b.sounds.mp3.holland725d
5. Duane Eddy - Boss Guitar "Front.JPG" yEnc (1/1)powerpost2000AA.locala.b.sounds.mp3.holland740d
6. Bibit Rockers - Young Indo Rock "Front.jpg" yEnc (1/1)powerpost2000AA.locala.b.sounds.mp3.holland748d
7. East & West Rockers With Friends - The Final "Front.jpg" yEnc (1/1)powerpost2000AA.locala.b.sounds.mp3.holland755d
8. The East and West Rockers - Voll 1 "Front.jpg" yEnc (1/1)powerpost2000AA.locala.b.sounds.mp3.holland755d
9. The Locomotions - Podium "Front.jpg" yEnc (1/2)powerpost2000AA.locala.b.sounds.mp3.holland759d
10. FBI - Live In Atlantis "Front.jpg" yEnc (1/1)powerpost2000AA.locala.b.sounds.mp3.holland764d

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